About Little Coyote

Name: Little Coyote
Alias: LC, Lil' Coyote, Literate Cantalope
Race: Demi Coyote Goddess
Allignment: Chaotic Neutral (Good?)
Powers: Transformation (humanoid, half coyote-human, full coyote), elemental control (speciality- fire and earth), super speed, healing, high jumping
Likes: Chasing things already running, sweets, hunting/stalking, playing tricks, causing confuesion.
Dislikes: Being ignored, not being in charge, being tricked, being confuesed, not getting her way.
Good Traits: Clever, thoughtful, friendly, impulsive, playful, innocent (somewhat)
Bad Traits: Selfish, greedy, annoying, stubborn, impulsive, wild, bully

Little Coyote is my (Kelsey/Faith Coyote/Splunge Coyote) wilder online persona. If I'm Twilight Sparkle, she's Pinky Pie. ;) To non-MLP fans, where I'm usually quieter and bookish she's louder and childish. Not to say that I don't behave like her in real life, but that personality usually only comes out with close friends and family.
This webcomic is basically a bunch of old AIM chats with friends where we'd role play silly scenarios in our free time. I alter them so I don't include side conversation about real life, so that the dialogue makes sense where we were texting at the same time, and to add an ending where there wasn't really one, but otherwise try to keep everything as true to the original chat as I can. I have a bunch of chats saved (and may make more in the future) so I don't see this comic ending anytime soon. Well, unless I'm suddenly able to do daily updates. Somehow I doubt that'll happen. ^^;

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