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The Fantasy Novels of T. S. Robinson

Into The Dragon's Maw  


     A warrior-monk is chosen for a final test, one that will propel him into a series of life-threatening situations time and time again.  Along the way, the pacific martial artist develops some curious friendships with a little gnome thief you love to hate, and a stubborn old dwarf that has a way with words.

     At the same time, a Herculean elf is searching for his roots and for the creature that slaughtered his friends and family.  His perilous quest will unknowingly unite him with a beautiful half-elven druid and a host of magical creatures that help guide  him along his dangerous journey.

     Inevitably, these two parties unite and join forces to face a common threat: one that will unlock the past for the monk, and unlock the secrets of the giant elf's origins.

Reviews from Fans

"T.S. Robinson's Into the Dragon's Maw is a great story with great elements: well described settings, clear narrative, nice nuances of characterization, a coherent and varied story line, plenty of action with just the right pacing, and a very satisfactory conclusion." 

~Piers Anthony

"Into the Dragon's Maw is a well-written and enchanting tale of men, elves and dwarves pitted against warmongering sorcerers, trolls and demons.  There are scenes of single combat, deadly peril, great battles, picaresque adventure, shy love and a final confrontation which lives up to its promise.  T.S. Robinson fills a niche that's sorely needed in this fantasy genre: a martial artist rising above sword and sorcery."

~L. O'Brien

"Into the Dragon's Maw is awesome!  It kept my attention from beginning to end, and I was unable to put it down until I had read the entire story.  It's very well-written and I love the characters and storyline."

~A. Thomas


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