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Welcome to The Strictly Sears Website (TM)

The name "Strictly Sears" is a Trademark name as of January 2000 and may not be duplicated or used in any manner without the written consent of the owner of this website.

This website is dedicated STRICTLY to SEARS information. It was established in April 1999 and is a member of Surname Web and The Sears Family Genealogy Webring. It was last updated on 11/6/2002. If you are researching the surname SEARS, check here for your ancestors. I am going to include various lineages as they become available to me. If you have a particular SEARS lineage that you would like to submit to this website, please contact me. No part of this website may be used without the consent of the submittor and the website owner.

I look forward to corresponding with you soon!


Merla Sears Van Norman


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Do you have a Sears Website? Your link can go here!

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