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Welcome to the Royal Saiyan Empire. This is King Vegeta Speaking. At first the Tsufuru Race and the saiyans lived in opposite sides. The Ruthless saiyans and the Peacefull tsufuru's. One day the saiyans Erupted and a war Breached between the saiyans and the tsufuru's. The saiyans had power but tsufuru had numbers. It seemed an even battle until the full moon the Saiyans legacy shined as the battle ended in one nigh as saiyans transform at the site of the full moon. The saiyans Over took the planet and took technology and King Vegeta claimed thrown and re-named the planet Vegeta. Thus the begginning of the Royal Saiyan Empire.....

News and Updates

08/07/01 More Good News. I managed to get all the chats up so when members are accepted they are all ready. I also stated work on the Dragon Balls but not yet Scattered them. So keep in touch! and dont forget to check back for more news and Updates.

08/06/01 Good News. I managed to getnthe Dragon Ball PPage up. Note that the dragon balls have not been scattered yet, but they will be sson enough. Thanks for bearing the wait. Also I will be accepting members shortly so check back OR fill out an app now and send it and when I AM accepting members I will put you Up there, if you have any questions just e mail me.

08/05/01 More Great News I got ton of the site done. I will be accepting Members any day now. I got the rules and the fighting system ready to go. I got the affiliates page done, I got the Contact us and the Store done, the members page is ready for members, so just about any day now and we will have it ready for members. So Stay tuned kiddies The RSE is almost ready!
- King Vegeta

08/2/01 Great News! The Royal Saiyan Empire is re-opening! the old members are getting back together and we will be ready for We got a lot of the old goodness we all loved with a bunch of Radical new Ideas. So stay tuned and spread the word. Also if you'd like to become an Affiliate just E mail Me King Vegeta and send your address and a button that is if you have a button and i might consider putting you on the RSE Affiliates List.
- King Vegeta

It has finally come...
Anime World Of Magic