The Show
Henry Rollins

    Well let me first say that Rollins was awesome as ever. It was great to see him again here in Stillwater. We (Carrie, and some friends from Subway) arrived at the Seretean center at a about six o'clock to get in line and much to our surprise there was already about a hundred people waiting in line to see the show. Lucky for us we had a buddy holding a space in line for us. The doors were finally let open at 7:00 and we scrambled to the festival seating and got some primo seats in the middle of the PAC.

    Time dragged its feet, but finally he burst on stage to a loud roar of applause and hoots and hollers from everyone. He starts off his show with a spiel about how much he hates boredom and the fact that everyone gets about 70 gos around on this orb and that if given about 19,000 times around he'd look into boredom as something to do, but with such a short span he has NO time for it. He related a story about entering Bed, Bath and Beyond for the first time and how entirely alien it was to him. He experienced the newness of having to buy furniture and niceties and other assorted odds and ends.

    After that he went on to talk about how people should treasure every day of their lives and that the youth of the country has the power to change this country. This is where it starts to become a blur, because in typical Rollins' fashion he starts a story gets on a tangent, shifts back the original story and then off to another tangent and a tangent for that tangent ad nauseum. Not that that is bad, it is just confusing when trying to remember what he discussed. In the end he did wrap up all of his tangents and got his story/stories across.

    Some topics he did cover were his desire to see every country in the world and then a story about how when he was in Casablanca and was harassed by hashish dealers. One main story he told was his experience with a Ratt concert in which he went to just 'people watch' with a buddy and how it was one of the funniest things he had seen in a long, long time. A bunch of thirty somethings squeezing back into their 80's metal gear and sporting such dated hair dos.

    He went on a tangent about the beauty of the English language and how it will appear to be dead and nothing new going on with it and then he will have some one surprise him with an inventive phrase or slang. The first phrase was when he was in Japan on tour his hotel room had a sign on the sink that read in plain English print "Be Drinkable". Rollins' and his band reaction to it was that it was a nice piece of slang, that for them meant 'go with the flow', Be Drinkable. The other phrase was when he was in East Berlin in the 80's and he went to a diner with his band and tour guide and the waiter told them "Your choice is fish". Rollins loved this in that choice implies more than one option. This phrase ended up being slang for him and the band for a situation that had only one option.

    Another story was how he has been doing all these acting jobs and he says he is NOT an actor. Rollins said "Man I am JUST waiting for the actor police to bust in and say 'Sorry Mr. Rollins you've been found out." He talked about a humorous, Top Gun parody stunt he pulled with Kelly McGillis in the new film he was working on with Danny Galeki and Billy Zane.

    Overall it was a great show and lived up to my expectations. I thought he might reuse some of his old stuff, but he didn't and that is the great part about it. I love the fact that he projects such a bad ass image yet promotes equality, understanding and clean living. I am always blown away by how learned he is and all the references he tosses into his show. Rollins said, and I quote, "Man having a kid would be like a ten pound albatross hanging from your neck for the next 18 years." This was his slick way of working in a reference to the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Anyhoo If you know me, you know ILOVE Rollins and so this page was mostly an excuse for me to brag about seeing him. If he sounds intersting to you at all I suggest you get his album Think Tank. That's all for now folks.