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Nanny as we grandchildren so lovingly called her was a wonderful grandmother! She was always busy, always working with her hands. She sewed, knitted, crocheted etc... Every christmas we knew what we were going to get by whether she made tracings of our hands for mittens or our feet for slippers : ). She made me a lovely long yellow dress when I was in sixth grade. She always made you feel special and loved! The summer after I graduated from high school I went to South America (Chile) for the summer and was leaving to go to College a week or so after I got back. She worked all summer in the heat to crochet me a Navajo blanket so that I'd have it for college! I have the most lovely sweater sets for my babies with matching blankets. When I had my first she made him a blanket and carseat blanket, 2 sweater sets and 9 pairs of booties. He was the best dressed kid around. His blanket is really special to me because it was the last one that Nan was ever able to make. She had a stroke and lost most of the use of her hands. I never heard her complain even though it must have been devastating after having always been busy with your hands to no longer be able to use them. She was always concerned about others.

Nanny with 4 of her Great-Grandchildren

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