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My #1 hero would have to be my husband. Chuck is the most wonderful man I know! I have never seen a man work harder than he works! He is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen! (Of course he is also incredibly handsome, smart, strong etc.... I could go on for days!) He has a lot of character and I really admire him as well as love him with all of my heart. He is also a wonderful Daddy. The kids just love it when Daddy is home. When he arrives home from work they run through the house to the door yelling "Daddy's Home, Yeah!

The rest of the list is in no particular order as all of these people mean a lot to me.

This is my former Pastor and his wife Linda and their children Bobby and Bethany. I first met them when Bobby was 15 months old and Linda was 6 months pregnant with Bethany. I lived 3 hours away from my home town and really knew nobody where I was living. This family and Church family took me in and loved me just like I was part of the family. I babysat Bobby and Bethany when they were small and just can't believe that Bobby graduated from High School last year! (Makes me feel very old!) I learned a LOT from Pastor and Linda while living in Warren, PA (he is now Pastoring a church he started in Massachusetts). They both have a heart of gold and a real love for people. Pastor has started numerous churches and built them to be great works for the Lord and will then turn them over to another Pastor and move on to start another. (He is a Church Planter with Baptist International Missions Inc. *BIMI*) I really admire Pastor and Linda! I learned a lot about marriage and submission and being a good mother from Linda and how to be a soulwinner and good Sunday School teacher from Pastor. THANKS for all you have taught me and for loving me!


Wow, its really hard to know where to start. This is Spencer and Janie and they have been some really special people in my life. Janie and her daughter took me in when I first left home and gave me a place to live for 9 months. For the first time in my life I saw a true example of Christian living and a Christian Courtship as this was also the time when Spencer and Janie were "dating". I could not begin to tell you all that these dear people did for me.

I would like to publicly thank them for putting up with me (Verity too :) Verity was like an extra little sister to me. She is such a sweet girl (ok, grown woman now, but I still think of her as a girl : ) She is married to Zach and they have two beautiful little girls and are Missionaries in Romania.



This is another very special couple to me. This is Bob and JoBeth Hooker and he is the leader of the Sailor Ministry at the First Baptist Church in Hammond, IN. They have 6 daughters and 1 granddaughter.


More to come SOON!


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