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The Norntropolis Census

Off in a corner of the Archives, the old records of Norntropolis sat, waiting to be discovered. Now they have been, and here they are for you to read, along with some new numbers and facts about Norntropolis.

Facts About Old Norntropolis

Meaning of the Name, "Norntropolis": The name "Norntropolis" means "City of the Norn", quite frankly. It's a fitting name, don't you think? :)

Birthdate:August 12, 1999

Creator of Norntropolis: Chelsea R. and eventually me

Original Number of Sections: Eight. The Toy Shop, The Hospital, The Book Nook, Jed's Electronics, Miss Leanna's (Now called the Nornphanage), Grendle Bob's Mover Lot, The Beauty Parlour, The Grocery Store.

Number of Sections that Had Downloads in them: 3. The Toy Shop, Miss Leanna's, and The Grocery Store.

Number of those Downloads that were Cobs: 4

Number of those Downloads that were Norns: 7. 3 Males and 4 Females

Number of Hits Between August 12th and December 1st: around 200

Number of Stories in the Book Nook: 1. Dangerous Skies

First News Stand Entry: August 13th, 1999.

First Non-Norntropolis-Related Entry: August 20th, 1999. On C3 coming out. It was pretty old news by the time I posted it.

Number of Links in the Neighbours Section: 20. And not all of them worked.

Facts About Norntropolis Today

Number of Sections not including Subsections: 22

Number of Sections including Subsections: Around 51, give or take a few.

Number of Norns up for Download: 170 or so.

Number of Cobs up for Download: 159

Date When the Counter Hit 1000: June 25th, 2000

Hits as of August 13th, 2000: 1601

Number of Hours Logged on to Create this Site: 200-300 (around there, anyway)

Number of links in the Neighbours Section: 116

Number of Changes to the Face of Norntropolis: 4 or 5

Date when the Counter Hit 1500: Around July 20th, 2000, but probably later.

Number of New Sections added on Norntropolis's Birthday: 6

That's all I could possibly think of for now, folks! I had to delve deep into my little flowerd notebook to get most of the answers about Old Norntropolis (btw: My little flowered notebook held all of the vital info I needed that had to do with Norntropolis back then). I'll think of more later on, but for now, this is it!