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A Grimes Genealogy

Descendents of William GRIMES and Mildred Drury

Children Named in the Will of William Grimes d.1795 Elbert, wife Mildred:

William Grimes b.abt 1775-1777 d. abt 1830 probably Madison County GA
Thomas M. Grimes b. 1791 d. 1822 Madison County GA

Daughter Carter named in Will-Elizabeth Carter signed release of exec with husband William
Betsy named in will-Patsy on William Grimes gdn Returns with John Wilhite-Polly's brother

William GRIMES b. about 1775-1777 married Polly Wilhite between 1795 and 1797, found in Jackson County, GA 1802 deeding land with Polly. On the census 1820, many legal documents in the 1820's and lastly 1830 as juror with William Jr and Gabriel W. On the 1820,several older sons whose dates of birth fit An unknown son probably born 1797-98, Gabriel b.1799-1800, William Jr. b.1808-10 and Washington GRIMES b.1812, listed herein, found later in 1830 Madison County, GA census, no father or mother listed with them and William the father no longer in Jackson County, GA nor on census in the surrounding counties.

3 James Clark Grimes b: May 12, 1890 in Elberton, GA d: June 22, 1955 in Ambrose, Coffee county, GA
+Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bell Sayer b: July 08, 1894 in elbert county,ga m: May 16, 1909 in Elberton, GA d: April 1973 in Bibb County, Macon GA

1920 Elbert County, Georgia Census >Heritage Quest on Line....Sep 2007
>T 625 255 278 >Dewyrose Precinct...Southern Rail Road
>22 Jan 1920... W M Rousey >fm 295-307
>James C Grimes......head... all
>Lizzie Grimes.....wife....25........1895...
>Herman Grimes......son......9.....1911
>Thelma Grimes........daughter.......7.....1913
>Elmo Grimes..........son..............5.......1915
>Genelle Grimes.....daughter.......3 yrs 0 mo.....Jan 1917
>Baby Grimes.....daughter....7 mo....Jun 1919

4 John Clark Grimes, Jr. b: September 16, 1921 in Ambrose, Coffee county, GA
+Ozelee Bates b: June 15, 1923 in Ambrose,Coffee co., GA m: January 10, 1942 in Pearson, GA lived in Ambrose, Coffee Co GA d: September 26, 1994 in Macon, GA

Paulks of South GA

The Coffee County GA site

5 Barbara Ann Grimes b: August 22, 1942 in Ambrose, GA
+Jerry C. Williams b: in Lumber City, GA

5 Patricia Grimes b: October 11, 1943 in Ambrose, GA
+Michael Jack Upshaw b: October 23, 1942 in Alexander county, Cairo, IL m: September 1962 in Russell County, AL

6 Kathy Lynn Upshaw b. February 15 1963, Warner Robins, GA


+ Thomas P. Stewart III b. June 13 1954 Vance County, Henderson, NC m. June 29, 1985 Centerville, GA

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6 Pamela Diane Upshaw Born: April 26, 1968 in warner Robins, GA Died: September 2006
+David Haslam b: 1968 in Warner Robins, GA m: November 1986 in Westside Baptist Church, Warner Robins, GA
*2nd Husband of Pamela Diane Upshaw:
+Chuck Hyde Kezar b: in Perry, GA m: February 07, 1996 in Kathleen, GA home of Thomas and Kathy Stewart

6 Rhonda Denise Upshaw b: June 22, 1971 in Houston County, Warner Robins, GA
+Curtis Donald Jr. Dimsdale b: in Houston County, Warner Robins, GA m: November 24, 1995 in Gatlinburg, TN

5 Millege Michael Grimes b: May 31, 1951 in Ambrose, GA

4 Estelle Grimes b: 1923

4 Mabelle Grimes
4 Lucille Grimes b: 1906
+ Hadsock d.1997

5 Geraldine Hadsock d.1998
5 John Hadsock
5 Whitlow Hadsock

4 Herman G. Grimes b: April 20, 1910 in Ambrose, Coffee county, GA d: November 24, 1926 in Ambrose, Coffee county, GA interment at Falling creek cemetery, Elberton GA

5 No Children-Never Married

4 Thelma Grimes b: January 15, 1912
+Alvin Carver b: 1910

5 Alvin Jr., Carver b: 1933 d: 1997
4 Elmo Grimes b: 1915
+Anise Harper d: 1948

5 James Wheelus Grimes

4Ruby Kate b: 1918
+Clyde Lee

4 Janelle Grimes b: 1919
+Harry English

5 Geraldine English b: 1940
5 Hoyt English b: 1940?

*2nd Husband of Janelle Grimes:
+Unknown Jowers

3 Lychurgus Mucklesworth Grimes b: November 23, 1891 in elberton, GA d: October 01, 1928 in falling Creek Cemetery Elberton GA

3 Maggie Grimes b: July 07, 1893 in Elberton, GA d: September 1971
+Harry S.Tiller b: in Elberton, GA m: December 19, 1909

3 Judson B Grimes b: February 17, 1896 in Elberton, GA d: October 11, 1925 in Florida interment Falling Creek Cemetery Elberton GA

+Never Married

3 Walter Eugene Grimes b: June 25, 1900


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