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Mike Corbin Guardian Angels

Jill ( - Keeper of Mike and Luke's friendship

Cheri (

Sue ( - Keeper of Mike's love for Sonny

Ashton ( - Keeper of the engagement ring that Mike gave Sonny to give to Brenda

Taylor ( - Keeper of Mike's love for Brenda

Diane (Deenie - Keeper of Mike's regrets where Sonny is concerned

Gabi (

Becca (

Kimberly ( - Keeper of the cigarette lighter and marriage license

Donna ( - Keeper of a hot romance for Mike

Randa (

Thyana ( - Keeper of Mike's undying love for Sonny and Adella

Paulette ( - Keeper of Mike Corbin's "humanitarian heart"

Cathy ( - Keeper of Mike's shady past and all the yet-to-be-revealed secrets of it

Sara ( - Keeper of Mike's love for his "Other son" Jason.

Samantha ( - Keeper of Mike's love for his godchild, Michael !

Crystal ( - Keeper of the day Mike and Sonny admitted their feelings and told each other, "I love you."

April ( - Keeper of Mike Corbin's devlish grin

Liz ( - Keeper of the recovery room

Jennifer (

Ellen S. Ross ( - Keeper of Mike's other life under his other name!

Tiff (

Nancy ( - Keeper of Mike's relationships with Sonny and Tammy.

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