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Huronia Hash House Harriers

(tune - Blue Danube Waltz

Chorus: Come Harriers away, ( Away, away )
And make no delay, ( Delay, delay )
It’s Canada Day, ( Da - day, da - day )
So let’s all be gay, ( Be gay, be gay )
The Harriers will play, ( We’ll play, we’ll play)
And try to find our way, (Our way, our way)
On a trail laid out by
Today’s Hare
Through the countryside so fair.
Should you find the trail
Harriers without fail
Holler on on
Holler on on.
If a check you find
Harriers please be kind,
Let the other runners know
Where the true trail does go.

When On Home is passed
We’ll return at last
To the On On,
To the On On.
We’ll break out the brew
And some vino too.
Valiant Harriers take rest
As the sun sinks in the west.


On the 1st day of Christmas, Twinkle Toes gave to me A pair of shoes that was mud-free.
2nd - Liar Liar - a 2-sided story
3rd - Big Foot - 3 IOU's
4th - Spam - 4 assorted veggies
5th - Queen Maggie - 5 Chinese firecrackers!
6th - Shatter - 6 unbreakable glasses
7th - Deep Throat - 7 days of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
8th - Kermit - 8 tales of bull......(frogs)
9th - Heart On - 9 orgasmic chocolates
10th - Fifth Estate - 10 days ‘til closing
11th - Whiner - 11 kinds of therapy
12th - Sex Machine - 12 new positions


Tune: Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We're the Huronia Hash House Harriers
We don't like sitting on our derrières
We're stalwart and true
And immature too
(Walkers): We're the walkers
(Runners): We're the runners
(Everyone Shout): On On!!

O there's none could be merrier
Than a Huronia Hash House Harrier
We'll shout out this song
As we walk(run) along
(Walkers): We're the walkers
(Runners): We're the runners
(Everyone Shout): On On!!

(Bridge) We're the Harriers from Midland-Penetanguishene
We're joining in the Winterfest fun
No one lags behind and no one's languishing
Cause we're Harriers one for all and all for one

So to overcome all barriers
Become a Huronia Hash House Harrier
And join in our song
As we walk(run) along
(Walkers): We're the walkers
(Runners): We're the runners
(everyone Shout) : On On!!

Written by our own WHIFF, really!

Melody: The Flintstones (Duh!) Hashers, Meet the Hashers,
We're the biggest drunks in history.
From the, town of HURONIA
We're the leaders in debauchery.
Halfminds, trailing shiggy through the years.
Watch them as they down a lot of beer...
Down down
Down down down down,
Down down down down down down down down,
Down down down down down
Down down down down down doooown!