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Greetings from Australia


Welcome to the Hunter Hash House Harriers.

Drinkers with a running problem....established a long, long time ago.

So grab a beer and check out our links...and for gods sake MAKE SURE YOU SIGN THE GUESTBOOK, so I know you've staggered thru (and try to remember that beer and keyboards don't mix).

If you would like to receive weekly updates of runs, please email Misfit or ShoeSlut.

  What the heck is a Hash?

History of H4. How we've been running around the country-side like loonies.

Hareline and who runs.  Last Sept 23 2002.

Hash Trash.   updated weakly, Last Feb 18 2001.

Misfits Version Of HashTrash!  Last Feb 18 2001.

Photos. Last Feb 18 2001.

For all you are some Aussie links. Last Feb 18 2001.

Other good things. Last Feb 18 2001.

Upcumming Events for H4. Last Geez, can't remember when this was updated last.



Want to contact us??

You know you do....just email 'Misfit' or Roodog.

or snail mail to:
8 Robina Cres
Medowie NSW 2318


You are the th drunk to wander in.

(Don't forget if this is not your first visit to our site,
you may need to reload/refresh any or all the pages/links you fall into).


For those of you who missed the above link to the guestbook, here is
something bigger for you to click on.


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These pages were last updated by Misfit on September 23 2002 @12.20am. I finally got around to updating it.
Thanks to all those other Hash sites I stole graphics from.
Feel free to swipe any of my originals.
I also need to acknowledge that the 'What is' and 'History' pages were written by a H4 runner by the (charming) name of Modess. All Credit goes to him.
(cos I stole them from the old H4 site!).
Thanks mate.

JUNE 1999.
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