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Harry Potter's Realm of Wizardry
Harry Potter's
Realm of Wizardry . . .



< >Hey guys! Guess what? "Harry Potter's Realm of Wizardry" has finally moved into its new domain! ::dances merrily around her maypole::

< >You can skip this intro by clicking the link above - otherwise, please read on for precautions about the site! The site is very kid-oriented and your female webmistress from California in the USA intends to keep it that way!

< >I'd like to mention two things now before you go into the site which is the realm for the Harry Potter fanatic, such as yourself, because I want you to like it! ::sniffs and looks up at the reader with puppy-dog eyes::

< >Okay, moving on, if you can't read this color of blue against this background, you may be in a bit of trouble. I have this blue font on several pages, because it goes with the backgrounds I use, so I apologize beforehand if you have to highlight things. Lastly, there is music on this site, so if you don't like midis (which are music files without words, just the background sounds), turn down your volume. They're on nearly every page!

< >Anyway, thanks for reading this and please continue on to the new site and tell your friends! :-)



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