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Nethack Version 0.996

This versin of Nethack 83 I am releasing for those of you who, would like to see a demo of the completed Nethack83. This is a fully functional demo.

Nethack83 Version 0.996 Demo

The demo includes;
12 Fully random level sets,
5 completely different creatures,
and 80 working objects.


Version 0.99-B --- This will probably be the next release, this will use a stronger A.I. program for use with multiple creatures. It will also include 15 more creatures and 24 new level designs. Traps, luck, scrolls, wands and gems will be used.

Version 1.00-A --- This will be the last release I make. I plan to focus on Nethack-89 and allow others to improve code Nethack-83 if you would like to work with us E-MAIL me.

I hope to recieve as much feedback about the game as possible,

For those of you who test this beta, email
with any questions/comments/bugs/suggestions