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Lace Knitting Photos

Lace Knitting Photo Album

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Oak Foliage. Added May 9, 2004. Shown with Fostoria "June" pieces.


Peonies. Added January 27, 2003. Altin Basak cotton #50.


Added October 26, 2002. Sixty-six inches square. Silk cord with 2.5mm needles. Another beautiful Herbert Niebling Design.


Bellflower. Added February 12, 2002. Silk cord.


Cotton #60 and 1.5mm needles. Added July 8, 2001.


From an old Spanish book. One of Niebling's many "Lily of the Valley" variations. Three-ply twisted silk cord. Finished in April of 2001; added July 2, 2001.


Laburnum. Three-ply twisted silk cord. Finished in February of 2001; added July 2, 2001.


Oak. Tablecloth by Herbert Niebling. 74" in diameter. With the exception of one, unavoidable splice, the 342 rounds were knitted with a continuous fiber. Three-ply silk with 2.50 needles. Added July 5, 2000.


Autumn Foliage. Niebling design published by Erica Verlag. Three-ply silk thread. Added August 26, 2000.


Herbert Niebling design. Originally published by Verlag Otto Beyer, this pattern was reprinted in "Kunststricken" by BuchVerlag für die Frau.Anchor Liana #10 thread with 3mm needles.


"Salmon Queen," an Ivy Geranium. Seldom seen centerpiece by Niebling. From Ericas Handarbeiten #80, published by Erica Verlag. Added July 19, 2000.


Salon-Rooktafelkleed from the Dutch Kunstbreien published by A.en H. Bruil. 10/2 Tencel with 2mm needles.


Snowdrop.From Lavori Artistici a Calza #7. Liana #20 and 2.50mm needles.


Austermann Mimosa #10 and 3mm needles.

Erich Engeln Design

This doily is from Mr. Engeln's 35th leaflet. There is an error in round 51, which should read:*k1, k2tog, yo, k11(not 10), yo6X, k18, k2tog, yo6x, k4* I used Anchor Linen 20/3 and US #2 needles.

Erich Engeln Design

This one is from Engeln's leaflet #36, letter B. Manuela #20 and 2.5mm needles