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Some Background Info on Yours Truly...

Name: Erica
School: High School
State: Pennsylvania
AOL IM Address: remgrl9
Fave Food: edible
Fave Time of Day: I'm a night owl, anytime before sunrise
One word to describe me: Hippy

Hello. As you probably already know (unless you're braindead, no offense to the handicapped) I LOVE MUSIC!!! I have been watching MTV since I was old enough to work the tv and not mess it up. The first video I remember watching was U2's "Where the Streets Have No Name". The 1st song I learned from the radio was the Beatles' "Hello, Goodbye". And, I can remember asking to hear "that cd daddy just played, again", which turned out to be by R.E.M.! (Or someone else, but I remembered the music and some of the lyrics after all that time. How much does that rock?!?)So, I've been pretty well off from the beginning.

I also love animals. I own a cat named Mitsy, three anonymous goldfish, and two parakeets, Karma and Rishi (Thanks Ricky! :). I am a vegetarian (or Plantivore) most of the time and have a very good respect for the Earth.

My plans are to go to college and major in art. I'm running out of space on my walls because of all the posters and canvases hanging all over the place. Being very creative, and now I'll brag a bit, I write lots of stories and poetry. When I get more together I might try to publish some.

Thanx for visiting and listening to my mumblings. Please sign my guestbook on your way out and come again!

And please visit this guys' site. He gave me a cool award!