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Links to Music & Weird Sites


R.E.M. Link Archive (I'M ON IT!) (Just about everything is here!)
R.E.M. News Stand (articles)
R.E.M. articles (Ditto)
Web Crawler R.E.M. sites (A few good ones)
Other R.E.M. linx (lots of them)
More R.E.M. links's R.E.M. stuff
R.E.M. Links, Biography (those and a place to buy cds!)

Lots of Oasis Links
Ring Oasis
The A to Z of Oasis Links on the Web

The Jamiroquai Articles Archive
The Jamiroquai Web Ring Unofficial Sites

Weird & Unusual Stuff

The Hamster Dance!!! (Put your speakers on)
The Cow Dance!!! (Similar to Hamster Dance)
Web Weirdness (Speaks for itself)
Nation of Freaks World HQ (Ditto)
Automatic Dialectizer (this one ROCKS!)
Mark Paul Harwood's Official Electronic Waste-of-Time

My Friends, Myself....

Ricky's Wrestling Page (I helped design it! Please visit!)
Visit Glynnis' Poetry Page! (I know, Glynnis, don't pet the burning dog)