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The R.E.M. Concert on Sept. 5th!

Howdy! I am in a great mood! I finally got around to doing something with this space, sorry for the wait. I found a setlist, but am not really sure if "that's the way it went". I can remember a few more being played, but I have a very vivid imagination. Well, here it lives.

What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
So Fast, So Numb
Crush With Eyeliner
The Apologist
Half A World Away
Sweetness Follows
The Great Beyond
The One I Love
Country Feedback
At My Most Beautiful
Finest Worksong
Losing My Religion
Man On The Moon
Walk Unafraid
Why Not Smile
The Wake-Up Bomb
It's The End Of The World...

And, here's a long description of how the morning of the concert went (I remember it well).

I woke up around six o'clock, with three hours of sleep under my belt. (At three a.m. I decided I needed a dinner with my concert tickets, mom, you were asleep and I was quiet). I rushed around, yelling to the neighbors, my friends, my family, my pets, anyone who would listen, that I was going to a concert. I was dressed by eight o'clock, hyper and ready to get on the road, a two hour drive was needed. We were leaving at four-thirty for music around eight, expecting traffic and dinner. I had stashed three cans of Orange Crush from vacation, you can't get it up here in Pennsylvania for some reason. One can was breakfast, as my stereo provided the classical, calming music that is Monster. And a few others, I'm not sure which. A trip to the supermarket, lunch forgotten. Near 4:00, I re-dressed, having killed time by undressing for no reason at all. My official concert attire consisted of: Socks, gray with red tops; boots, black; long black skirt with rose print; spring tye-dyed knee-length dress over the skirt; an army jacket, long-sleeved; red eyeliner; silver sparkly eyeshadow. I packed up my R.E.M. cds and books and we left! The car ride there was hilarious, for me anyway. Y'know those coincidences? The weird musical ones that go along with the scenery outside? This was one of them. A syllable or word in a verse, seen on a road sign or shop sign, etc. That happened so often it started to get creepy. We stopped for lupper (lunch/supper) and had a conversation with the nice waitress who was suprisingly appreciative of my concert attire. "Who's in concert?" "R.E.M.!" "Wow, some band I've heard of." My mom chose to state her daughter doesn't always dress "like this", but this was a special occasion. A very special one. Let me tell you now that the day was hot, too hot, at times rainy, and very humid. Just enough to make it cold-ish outside and my hair stick to my neck. Bleh. When we got there they were selling beer. Common sense tells me you don't sell alcohol to R.E.M. fans, some of the older ones, at least. A few thousand people driving home buzzed. Pleasant. (I'm saying that in a very sarcastic tone-I don't like hate mail) Anyway, the music was great. The boys walked onto the stage during "Airportman". Then they played the set and the encore, wonderfully. Michael was sparkling, musically and facially. He had lots of glitter on, as my binoculars confirmed. I needed to make sure that "that's the guy that was on tv!" It was. During some of the quieter songs the people in front actually sat down! Not being very tall, I told myself "I'm not sitting down. I want to see the band. If others can't see over me then they'll just have to be an enthusiastic fan and stand as well." You don't want to bother me when I'm that entranced by something! Anyway, the show rocked. I was very happy for the rest of the month, and remembered just about every second of my night, as you can see. Going home was fun. Getting out of the parking building wasn't. So we waited outside the car and I danced around in circles by myself with lots of people watching me. (It's fun hearing a few hundred car stereos playing various R.E.M. songs at different times) Then I waved to people on the street. I dropped a leaf off the building to the street below that I had plucked from a tree, and that seemed to be my little poetic gift in return for a wonderful evening.