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Teach your dog to WAVE!

Rover demonstrating WAVE.

Foreword: WAVE can be taught after you have taught your Rover GIVE YOUR PAW. It is extremely cute and if you want to, you can combine it with SIT UP. This takes more work though.

Directions: Tell Rover to SIT and to GIVE YOUR PAW WAVE. Now, instead of reaching for Rovers paw, lift your hand a little higher so Rover must lift his foot up to reach your hand. Don't let Rover put his paw in your hand. Pull back your hand. Praise Rover for trying to put his paw in your hand. (He will be very confused, but it's okay).

Do it again saying ROVER, GIVE YOUR PAW WAVE. Hold your hand higher than you would for GIVE YOUR PAW, and don't let him put his paw in it. But you don't want to hold your hand to high, or he won't even try.

After you have done this a couple of times you can start dropping the GIVE YOUR PAW, and just say WAVE.

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