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Teach your dog to SIT UP!

Rover demonstrating sit up.

Foreword: This trick is really cute. Especially if a dog bone is put on his nose while he is sitting up, and then having Rover catch it in the air. Some dogs teach themselves this trick, while others have to be taught how to do it. I have seen a couple of dogs who just can't do it. I think it's just how they are build. So if your dog just won't stay up even after you have been teaching it for a couple months, don't panic, just move on to another trick.

Directions:If your dog is NOT one of those dogs were you can hold a treat over its nose and it'll sit up, do this. Have Rover sit and move behind him. Support his back with you legs and gently pull him up to a sit up position. You could also do this in a corner. Tuck his legs in. Start using the word SIT UP every time you lift him up. Once he gets comfortable you can try luring him up with a treat. He still needs that back support though!

Once he is getting the idea and learns the new command, try luring him up with a treat without the back support!

Surprise your friends with teaching your dog SIT UP in a different language!

SIT UP in some different languages
LanguageActual WordHow to pronounce
SwedishTiggaTee gah'

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