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Teach your dog to SIT!

Rover demonstrating sit.

Foreword: This is as basic of a trick as your can get. But basic work is required to be able to teach Rover harder tricks.

Directions for small to medium dog's: Hold onto Rover's collar while he is in a standing position. Say SIT and gently push down on Rover's hind quarters. When he is in a sitting position praise him. Repeat.

After a while Rover will start recognizing the word SIT with your pushing his hind quarters down. Now you only have to use a small amount of pressure on his hind quarters to make him sit. Repeat this until you only have to say the word SIT to make Rover sit.

Directions for BIG dog's: Because you can't simply force a Big Rover to sit, you have to use a different technique. Take a yummy dog treat and hold it slightly over Big Rover's nose. It is important not to hold it too high or Rover will jump up. Say SIT. As Big Rover looks up at the treat he will automatically sit. Praise him and give him the treat.

If Rover did not sit, you must hold the treat a little farther over his head. Now he must stare up and tilt his head back to get it.

Repeat this step until you don't have to use a treat anymore and Rover sits on command.

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