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My Dog Trick Page!

! I'm going to update this site. If you have any suggestions for tricks or new looks for my page please tell me so !

I have made this page for the average dog owner who wants to teach his or her dog more tricks! Either if it is to impress your friends, or to keep your Rover from tearing up the house, below you will find a nice collection of tricks to teach your dog.

If you have the time, patience and a dog, there is no limit of the tricks you can teach old Rover! What wise guy said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Totally wrong! The only problem is that people don't take the time to teach that old dog some new tricks!

If you have any tricks you would like to submit, please feel free to send me them! I will publish them on my page in no time. Now, what are you waiting for???

Tip: Patience!!! Only work with your dog for five minutes at a time! If your dog totally does not get it, stop for the day and review the directions. Always end the session on a cheerful note even if your dog made no improvement!!! Use yummy treats to keep your dog from getting bored! Have a play session after you train your dog. This will keep old Rover happy!

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Dog Tricks!

This is Rover. He will demonstrate
the different dog tricks which you can teach your dog.

NEW! Count! The amazing counting dog trick!

NEW! Focus! Calm your Rover down and have him focus!

NEW! Hide! Awww, so cute. Rover hides his eyes underneath a paw!

NEW! Spin! Chase that tail!

Shake! At your command, Rover shakes his head, as if in disagreement!

Go To Your Spot! Get your Rover out of the way and onto that dog bed. Every Rover needs a place to call its own, and here's the command to teach Rover to go to that place.

Sit! This is as basic of a trick as you can get. Very easy to teach too!

Give Your Paw! This is a very easy to teach trick that later can be used as a basis to teach WAVE.

Wave! You can teach your Rover to WAVE after you teach your Rover to GIVE YOU PAW.

Sit High! Nothing is cuter than a dog sitting up on its hind end. This trick can later be used with a cookie on the nose!

Bow! BOW is a pretty easy trick to teach. Now you can show your guests what good manners your Rover has!

Jump Rope! This is a cute silly little trick! Try it! Your dog might like it. Who knows, soon your dog will be the most popular dog on the whole block with all the children!

Speak! This is a cool trick because you can't really force your dog to do this! I have also included some tips for those problem barkers!

Roll Over! ROLL OVER is an old goody which every Rover should know!

Retrieve! Once taught it can be used to get Rover to pick up and carry anything. From your kids lunch to love letters to that cute guy over there. Let your imagination run wild!

Crawl! Ever wanted to teach your dog how to CRAWL? On command Rover will hit the ground and CRAWL to you. It can be used to make a very impressive trick if combined with LIMP and PLAY DEAD. Check below for that trick.

Limp! This trick can be very useful and cute at times! If you use it to impress a friend, or to get out of a tricky situation (You forgot to ..... because your dog was limping) it can be very useful!

Play Dead! This is a nice trick. It can be used as a part of BANG, or by itself.

Bang! Rover limps. Bang! Rover crawls. Bang! Rover plays dead. How can you ask for a better trick? After teaching LIMP, CRAWL and PLAY DEAD, try this one! It's a real crowd pleaser!!!

Hand Signals! After teaching your Rover tricks, teach Rover to do them using hand signals!

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Updated 12/21/00.

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