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Teach your dog to GIVE YOUR PAW!

Foreword:This is a very simple trick to teach which later can be used as a base to teach WAVE.

Direction: Simply say GIVE YOUR PAW and take Rovers paw. Praise Rover and give Rover a treat. Repeat this step a couple times. Rover will eventually get it and start raising his paw after you say GIVE YOUR PAW and before you reach for it. Lots of praise! Stop training for the day and reward Rover for being such a good boy!

In the next training lesson say GIVE YOUR PAW and hold out your hand. If Rover remembers Rover will put his paw in your hand. Lots of praise! If Rover forgot, back up to the last step and pick up his foot for him a couple of times. Soon Rover will catch on and place his foot in your hand.

Conclusion: You can add some variety to this trick by teaching Rover to give either his right or left paw on command. Do this by using the same technique you used for teaching GIVE YOUR PAW.

Surprise your friends with teaching your dog GIVE YOUR PAW in a different language!

GIVE YOUR PAW in some different languages
Language Actual Word How to pronounce
German Gib Fuss Gib foos
Dutch Pootje Po'-cha
Swedish Vacker Tass Vack-ah tass'
Polish Day lape Dai wapeh

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