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The FOCUS ON ME trick!

Foreword: In order to teach your Rover tricks and have Rover perform them, Rover must have his attention on you! Imaging, a perfectly attentive Rover, both eyes on you, alert and ready for the slightest trick signal from you! It is possible, yes, even for the super hyper Rover. Okay, let's focus!

Directions: There are a variety of focusing tricks out there, here are just two basic ones.
Look at me: Here you get your Rover to focus on you for a limited time, and then reward him with a treat. Make sure your hands are hidden, so he won't be inclined to look at them instead. Start with sitting on your knees (easier for a little Rover to look at your face, but you can also stand for more authority), calling the Rover over to you, making him sit and saying "Rover, focus." Now when you have Rovers attention, make him hold it for a couple of seconds and reward. You can then slowly lengthen the time to 5 seconds and beyond. If Rovers concentration breaks and Rover stops looking at you, call him again "Rover, focus" and shorten the time you have Rover focus.

Ball catch: This is a fun activity for regular playtime, yet it also improves Rover's coordination and focusing skills. This 'game' evolves out of the regular ball throw and retrieve. Start by having the ball in your hand, and Rover sitting in front of you. Hold the ball and let Rover take it out of your hand. Play around with this, giving Rover the ball, and taking it back again. After a while start rolling the ball into Rovers mouth, and then throwing it from a really short distance. The purpose here is to not simply throw the ball and have poor Rover get hit on the head, consequently dodging all balls being thrown at him for all eternity. So, start slow, and throw the ball really slowly, in a nice upward curve. Once Rover gets the basic catch down, you can make it more challenging. The ball catch can even be the basis for fancier Frisbee throws.

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