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Teach your dog to PLAY DEAD!

Rover demonstrating PLAY DEAD!

Foreword: This trick is best taught after Rover has had some exercise and is ready to rest. Rover will need to know the DOWN command to successfully complete this trick.

Directions: Tell Rover to DOWN and note the side that he is leaning on. Now gently push him over saying PLAY DEAD. As he rolls over on his side praise him and give him a tummy scratch. Repeat this until you don't have to use any pressure to get him to roll onto his side.

Conclusion:This trick is part of the BANG BANG trick, but can be used by itself too. Simply say BANG as the command instead of PLAY DEAD. Because Rover was shot down he must remain still. Practice this a couple of times making Rover stay in the PLAY DEAD position, not moving a muscle.

Surprise your friends with teaching your dog PLAY DEAD in a different language!

PLAY DEAD in some different languages
LanguageActual WordHow to pronounce
GermanSei totSigh toat
SwedishSpela DödSpell-ah' doit
PolishPoloz siePowoosh z sheh

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