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Hello to all of you wild and crazy DDT fans!!! Melissa here with all of the latest news on our favourite boys. Yes, yes, it has been a while, but I waited to update this until there was something happening. DDT now has some songs ready, but there's no news yet on when they are recording it, or on tour dates. Cory White is no longer with the band, but is working on a new project, and you can e-mail me for details on it. Stay tuned here to find the second I know the details on new stuff from DDT! Thanks to a suggestion from one of out page visitors, I am going to add a lyrics section to this website, and the reviews section is under construction. We still need you to send in more stuff though!!! I'm still in school, and will hopefully be working in the music industry within the next few months. Keep sending your input, and keep reading the page! I can guarantee that there are great things to come from DDT!!! Please e-mail me any pics, reviews, etc. and I will include them in a new section of this website. I will give full credit to those who submit their stuff for the site. Until next time, keep rockin!!!

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