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Part 1: Team Rocket's New Plan

Jesse and James stood silently in front of their boss.

" I am outraged at your pathetic ability to train Pokemon! You are worthless to me!! You've both been beaten countless times by that small boy Ash Ketchum! If you don't come up with a plan by tomorrow on how to defeat Ash and his friends, I'll have no choice but ot fire you!! Now get out of my office immediately you incompetent weaklings! I have better things to do than stare at you two all day. "

Team Rocket exited the office. As Jesse and James headed down the road, they thought of what they could do to defeat Ash.

James cried out," We could dig a hole!"

" No, we've tried that too many times. We need something better than that. Why do we have to do the dirty work anyways?"

" We could build robots ," said James.

" Why you imbecile, that's so stupid. It'd never- aha, build robots to do the work for us. That's a great idea, James. We may be back in business. We just have to find a place with parts for robots."

"What about the power plant in Gringy City? We'd just have to hire people to build them for us. Lets go, I've got an idea where to start."

"Wait, we've got to tell the boss first. Lets find the nearest phone and tell him the whole story."

After finding a phone, Jesse and James called the boss.

"We figured out a plan, boss. We're going to build robots to defeat Ash, and then capture Pikachu."

"Go ahead and try it. If it works, I won't fire you. Now get busy!"

Jesse and James went on a worldwide search for workers. After visiting such places as: Saffron City, Pewter City, Cerulean City, Viridian City, Vermillion City, Lavender Town, Celadon City, Fuchsia City, and Cinnibar Island they finally had enough people willing to build robots. Among the first wave of robots were Jesse-Bot, James-Bot, Lance-Bot, Bruno-Bot, Agatha-Bot, and Lorelei-Bot. If they fared well against ash and his Pokemon, more would be made. Only one thing remained: Finding Ash Ketchum.

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