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             RESOURCE PAGE

 These sources and web sites will help your team in your project.  Remember to always site your sources of information when using them in your project.  Feel free to add to these sources if you find an alternate guide to assist you in this project.

      On-Line Sources:

  Dover Downs Website

  Dover Downs Race Statistics

   Nascar Online's results from last Fall's Race (others can be found by searching this site)

Nascar Online home page for Winston Cup information

      NCR2 Track Guides and Facts

      Motor Sport Zone - statistics for '97, '98, and '99 Winston Cup Races

      Go Racing - current racing statistics and past statistics if you search the news around the dates of past races.  history only goes back through 1998

      SpeedWorld - statistics of many types and news stories covering Nascar

 Off-Line Sources

       Dover Downs: phone number 1-800-441-RACE, you may be able to get some information here or suggested history materials.

       Greg Fidden's: 400 Years of Stock Car Racing

      A Fan's Guide to Nascar Racing

      NASCAR Encyclopedia

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