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Bunny Headquarters: Cloudy & Magic's Spot on the Web

Welcome to Bunny Headquarters! This site has been increasing in popularity lately, but some of the visitors are dissapointed after viewing this site. Not because this site isn't great, but because they don't know what they're in for and this type of site doesn't appeal to them. So, we, Cloudy and Magic, figured we should tell you first what it's about. Then, if you want to come in still, you can! If you decide this page is not for you, then after reading this page, you'll know, and we'll have spared you the trouble of viewing it.

Don't come into this site if:

1) You don't like rabbits or animals.
2) You don't like rabbits as pets.
3) You don't want to see a page about two adorable rabbits and learn a little about them.
4) You're surfing for information on rabbits or want to adopt a rabbit. In that case, we invite you to visit Bunnymom5's Rabbit Care Guide (that's our momma's page!) or The House Rabbit Society.

If any of those things apply to you, don't come into this site (you can come later if the 4th one applied to you!). We're sorry, but you really wouldn't get much out of it and would be dissapointed.

Come into this site if:

1) You love animals, especially rabbits.
2) You want to see what rabbits are like as pets.
3) You have an open mind.

So now, if you're still reading, you're probably interested. Yay! Our kind of people! This site is just about two rabbits named Cloudy and Magic (that's us!) who decided to make a web site. It has some pictures of us and our stories on it. We hope you like our site!


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