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Three Tunes

A dance for four couples.
As the name would imply, this dance is done to three different tunes- A jig, a hornpipe and a reel. The traditionally used pieces are Haste to the Wedding (JIG), Leslie's Hornpipe, and The German Beau (REEL).

BARS-----------A. Sides
16-------------All dance side step to the left, finishing with two short threes. All return to the right, finishing as before. Repeat the movement to the right and then back to places.

---------------B. Rings
16-------------Women advance to the center, all join hands and dance around clockwise to the left, with four threes, and return to places; All clap hands twice. Partners dance a half-side step (1-2-3) past each other (men behind) and return with a sidestep, men crossing in front. Repeat the movement with the men dancing around the center instead of the women.

---------------B. Lead Around
16-------------Partners hold inside hands and lead around in a full circle anticlockwise. Release hands and turn about inwards, and return in a full circle clockwise back to original position.

---------------D. Stamp And Clap
16-------------All dancers stamp right foot, left foot, then right foot again [1 bar] then clap hands 3 times [1 bar], then side step past each other, the man moving behind, and back to places with the man passing in front. Clap hands alternately on legs just above knees 1uickly five times (starting with right hand on right leg). Clap hands together three times. REPEAT.

-----------------E. See Saw
16-------------All couples swing around clockwise in an anticlockwise direction. After 8 bars, couples reverse their directions and swing back to original positions.

-----------------F. Roly-Poly
24-------------All dancers hold fists at chest level and roll them around each other in a forward direction, then in a backwards direction, pivot once on the right heel, and clap hands once in the air;
Men shake right fist forward once in the air while stomping right foot forward and then bringing it back as hand is lowered. Then men shake left fist in a similar manner. Men stamp three times and clap hands three times towards partner. Partners sidestep past each other, and back into place. [12 bars] REPEAT

-----------------G. Hook and Chain
16-------------Each man hooks the left arm of the woman on the left, turning her once in place and chains back to his partner, taking her right hand in his. He continues the chain with alternating hands until all are back in orriginal places.

-----------------H. Rings
16-------------Repeat B.

-----------------I. Sides Under Arms
16-------------Partners take inside hands. Top couples form and arch and exchange places with side couples using promenade step, 2nd Sides passing under 1st Tops arch and 1st Sides passing under 2nd Tops arch. Release hands and turn about. Take inside hands again and dance back to original place, this time with Sides forming the arches. Repeat movement with opposite Sides. (1st Sides with 1st Tops, 2nd Sides with 2nd Tops)

-----------------J. Stamp And Clap
16-------------Repeat D.

-----------------K. Thread The Needle
16-------------All take hands in a ring except 1st Tops man and 1st Sides woman. She dances through arches created by the couple on her right and takes all the other dancers in the line after her and back to places. [8 bars] Repeat this movement, 1st Tops man now leading the line under the arch of the couple on his left with the others following.

-----------------L. Roly-Poly
24--------------Repeat F.