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Humors of Bandon

A four-hand jig.
(312 bars)
BA (leading couple)
CD (opposite couple)

A & C are men; B & D are women.

BARS-----------A. Lead Around
16-------------Dancers half right turn and lead around anticlockwise. On the 8th bar, release hands, turn about inwards. Man takes partners right hand in his left and both lead back to place.

---------------B. Body
8--------------(a) Sevens past partner: Partners side-step past each other (men behind women) and dance a jig step. Side-step back to place (women behind men) and finish with a jig step.
8--------------(b) Half-right and left: Partners take both hands and turn once in place. They release hands, and men and women cross to opposite side position, men crossing on the outside, women passing between oposite man and woman. (Women right shoulder to right shoulder between the men) Partners take both hands and turn into place.
8--------------(c) Sides: Repeat (a).
8--------------(b) Half right-and left: Repeat (b).

---------------C. 1st Figure
16-------------(a)Advance thru center: Leading man takes his partner's right hand in his right, they advance towards opposite couple and pass between and beyond them. Release hands, reverse and return to opposite couple, woman's right hand in man's left. Release hands. Woman takes opposite man's left hand in her left hand. Leading man takes opposite woman's right hand in his right hand; all turn once in place. Leading man takes his partners right hand in his left and they lead back to place. Release hands, reverse, advance again, woman's left hand in man's right. Release hands. The man gives his left hand to opposite womand and leading woman gives her right hand to opposite man; all turn once in place. Release hands, leading couple dance back to place, and turn once.
32-------------(b) Repeat B.
16-------------(c) The opposite couple dance (a).
32-------------(d) Repeat B.

---------------D. 2nd Figure
16-------------(a) Center meet: Leading man and opposite woman advance to meet, take right hands, dance side-step to man's right and end with rising step. Woman takes her own partner's right hand in her right, mand takes his own partner's left hand in his left and all turn in place. The same man and woman meet again in the center, take left hands and dance side step to man's left, ending with rising step. Release hands; woman gives her left hand to her own partner's left, man gives right hand to his partner's right; turn in place.
32-------------(b) Repeat B.
16-------------(c) The opposite couple dance (a).
32-------------(d) Repeat B.

---------------E. 3rd Figure
16-------------(a) Women's chain: Women advance, give right hands in the center and continue to opposite man, giving left hand. both turn in place, women return to own partner, both making a full turn in place. Both couples dance a complete circle around each other.
32-------------(b) Repeat B.

+ ---------------F. Lead Around
16-------------Repeat A and finish.