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Four-Hand Jig

A jig for two couples
(288 bars)
BA (leading couple)
CD (opposite couple)

A & C are men; B & D are women.

BARS-----------A. Lead Round
16-------------Dancers half right turn and lead around anticlockwise. On the 8th bar, release hands, turn about inwards. Man takes partners right hand in his left and both lead back to place.

---------------B. Body
8--------------(a) Sevens past partner: Partners side-step past each other and dance a jig step. Side-step back to place and finish with a jig step.
8--------------(b) Change places and swing.: Partners take right hand in right and dance anticlockwise to the oppostie position, man leading [2 bars], swing in place [4 bars], and jig step [2 bars].
8--------------(c) Sevens past partner: Repeat (a).
8--------------(b) Change places and swing.: Repeat (b), returning to original>
---------------C. 1st Figure
8--------------(a) Top couple advance holding inside hands [2 bars], then turn, the man turning clockwise, the woman turning anticlockwise. The man hooks right arm in right with opposite woman while Top woman hooks left arm in left with oppostie man. Dance around [2 bars]. Top man and woman meet, take inside hands (the womanís right hand in the manís left) and dance back to place [2 bars]. Top woman turns clockwise and man turns anticlockwise into original position [2 bars]. Opposite couple dance throughout, performing jig step for the last 2 bars.
8--------------(b) Both couples advance to the center; Top man hooks oppoiste womanís left arm in his left and they dance around anticlockwise. Top woman hooks opposite manís right arm in her right and they dance around clockwise [2 bars]. Dancers return to original position [2 bars]. Finish with jig step [2 bars].
8--------------(c) Repeat: Repeat (a) with opposite couple leading.
8--------------(d) Repeat: Repeat (b); this time the opposite man hooks left arm with Top woman and the opposite woman hooks right arms with Top man.

---------------D. Body
32-------------Repeat B.

---------------E. 2nd Figure
8--------------Women's chain: Women advance, give right hands in the center and continue giving left hand to opposite manís left. Dance under the manís raised arm with the men following the women around; release hands and women dance back to original position, passing right shoulder to right. give right hand to partner and turn into place.

---------------F. Body
32-------------Repeat B.

---------------G. 3rd Figure
8--------------(a) Top man takes oppositie womanís right hand in his right; they side-step to the manís right. When dancing the jig step the Top man turns anticlockwise and teh woan turns clockwise. Top man gives left hand to his partnerís left and dances around her, anticlockwise. At the same time, oposite woman gives her right hand to her partnerís right and dances around him clockwise.
8--------------(b) Top man and opposite woman meet again, holding hands uncrossed; dance side-step to the manís left. The man releases his right hand with the womanís left hand while dancing the jig step; he takes his partnerís right hand in his right and they dance clockwise into place. Athe the same time opposite woman gives left hand in left with her partner and they dance anticlockwise into place.
16-------------(c) Repeat (a) and (b) with Top woman and opposite man leading.

---------------H. Body
32-------------Repeat B.

---------------G. 4th Figure. Men Chain
16-------------Men dance straight across to opposite woman, take right hand in right and dance around; men return to original position passing left shoulder to left and give left hand to left with partner; dance around. The mend meet in the center, hook right arm in right, and dance around clockwise, give left hand to left of opposite woman, pass right shoulder to right and give right hand to right with partner; turn into place.

---------------I . Body
32-------------Repeat B.

---------------J. Lead Around
16-------------Lead around as in A.