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I must admit I am a bit partial to this dance for some reason. I don't know just why, but it is my favorite.

Cross Reel

An eight-hand reel (328 bars) for four couples

BARS----------A. Lead Around
16-------------Couples take inside hands, make a half-turn to the right and with
promenade step, dance round anticlockwise. On the eighth three, release hands
and reverse. Partners again take inside hands and dance back in the oppositedirection,
turning into original places on the last two threes.

---------------B. Body
16-------------(a) Sides: Men side-step to the right behind their partners, and
women side-step to the left in front to finish with two threes. All again side-step inthe
same directionas before, and end with two threes. Each man takes
the right hand of the woman on his right, both make a half-turn and all chain back
as they came, to meet partners with right hand, in starting position and turn in place.
16-------------(b) Full Chain: Partners face each other and chain round in acircle,
the women going clockwise and the men going anticlockwise, giving theright
and left hands alternately until they meet in original places. Partners
then dance a right-hand full turn in place.
16-------------(c) Men Interlace: Men dance to the right in front of partners.
They promenade round behind the woman on their right and left-hand full turn withthe
same woman. Men give their right hands across the center and dance full
round clockwise; left-hand turn woman on the right of their original place, and right
hand turn partners in place.
16-------------(d) Back-to-Back: Each man, holding his partnerís right
hand, side-steps towards the left of the contrary woman while his partner dances
towards the left of the contrary man. The man then takes the left hand of the
contrary woman while his partner takes the left hand of the contrary man. The four
dancers tus form a circle, the men back-to-back and women facing each other; alldance
two short threes in this position. The man releases his partnerís right hand,
turns around the contrary woman, and returns to his own partner, passing the
other man right arm to right arm.

8--------------(e) Exchange Places: 1st Tops and 1st Sides exchange places with
side-step, while 2nd Tops and 2nd Sides do likewise. Partners all exchange places
with one another with side-step. Then all dance back to places in the same manner
exchanging as before. (Note: Partners dance this movement without takinghands.)

---------------C. 1st Figure
16-------------(a) Figure of eight and ring: The men of the Top couples dance in
between, Side couples on their left, with promenade step; they circle clockwise
round the men, dance between couples again and circle anticlockwise round the women
to their original places. All eight dancers now form a ring and side-step (with two
threes) right and then left, falling into their original places on the last two threes.
16-------------(b) Repeat: The Side couples dance C.

---------------D. Body
64--------------Repeat B.

---------------E. 2nd Figure
16-------------(a) Circle round and hands across: The two Top couples advance,
taking inside hands, and circle clockwise back-to-back, round each other to place.
The Top couples now give right hands in the center and dance fullround, clockwise.
The two couples then swing round each other and back to original places.
16-------------(b) Repeat: The Side couples dance E.

---------------F. Finish
8--------------(a) Circle: All join hands in a circle at shoulder height.
16-------------Advance to the center with promenade step and retire. Repeat.
(b) All side-step anticlockwise and finish with two short threes; side-step back,
finishing as before.
16-------------(c) Repeat (a). All side-step clockwise and back.
8--------------(d) Each couple takes hands and swings around