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No Forward

Welcome to the "No Forward" Campaign homepage! We are a non-profit organization based in Ontario, Canada. Our goal is to eliminate those pesky chain-letters that are plaguing the internet. Whether it be by ICQ, IRC, e-mail or any other form of the internet, chain-letters are flooding us with useless information and wasting our time. Read on and learn how to help us reach our objective.

Our goal
Internet-based chain-letters have become very popular, and very annoying. Some of these letters are fun and informative, but even more just waste your time. Some try to spread stupid rumors, others are pranks and more are just bytes of useless text. We want to break such chain letters.

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What is a chain letter and how do they work?
An internet chain-letter is just about anything online that asks the one who receives it to send it back to one or more people. This process is also called forwarding, hence the name of our organization. These letters, created by one person, can end up reaching millions of people, and wasting that many folks' time. Once, I got about 3 chain-letters/day, each wasting about 20 seconds of my time. That's about 1 minute/day of wasted time. Not much you say? Well if chain-letters affect about 10 million people for one year, that means 3 600 000 000 minutes/year are wasted on chain letters. This means more 90 lifetimes are wasted each year on chain-letters!
How can YOU help?
There are many ways you can help us get rid of annoying forwarding. Here are some of these methods :
1. What to do when you receive a chain letter.
  • Have you even read the message you are about to forward? If not, it's not worth sending out.
  • Never send out the get-rich-quick type of e-mail or ICQ. Face it, it's a scam.
  • Use your judgement. Only forward e-mails you enjoyed receiving and reading. If you didn't like it, chances are your friends won't.
  • Please, please, I can't stress this point enough, before forwarding REMOVE all the useless text before and after the "chain-letter". An example of useless text is : Sent by to CC to . You get it?

2. Tell your friends about the "No Forward" Campaign.

  • Ever heard of fighting fire with fire? To promote the idea of "forwarding ethics" you can tell your friends about the "No Forward" Campaign.
  • You can compose your own e-mail and send it to folks you know.
  • Or you can use our official campaign chain-letter. Click here to view the letter.

3. Put the official "No Forward" Campaign Button on your website.

  • Here is the official button :
  • If you want to put it on your page, use the following code :
    <A HREF="">
    <IMG SRC=""
    HEIGHT="31" WIDTH="88" BORDER="0"></A>
  • Would you like to create your own button? If so, please send it to

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Links and Conclusion
Here are some links you might find interesting :
Chain Letters page : Very informative page. Many chain-letter and anti-chain letter examples. Official government positions on chain-letters, humor and more. Great site.
US Department of Energy's Chain-Letter page : Another nice page about what to do with online chain-letters.
The Anti-Chain letter : A chain-letter satire site.
Chain Letters, Get Rich Schemes and Calls for Help : A site with more links.

I know only four sites in our links section doesn't seem like much, yet within the above-listed sites, you'll find all the information you'll EVER need about chain-letters. Thanks for visiting our site and helping our crusade :) . Please send comments to

World Button Exchange

World Button Exchange

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