Like a solid rock is not shaken by the wind, so the wise are not moved by praise or blame. 

 Dhammapada, 81

Welcome to the Buddhist Directory. This page is dedicated to bringing the Dharma to all beings.  Please follow the links below to some of my favourite Buddhist web sites. With metta to all who seek the middle path.

Access to Insight
Along with BuddhaNet one of the best places on the Net to find Theravada texts. A truly great resource.
Arrow River Community
A wonderful Theravada group in Northern Ontario.
Bhavana Society Home Page
The Bhavana Society is a forest monastery in West Virginia. The page is expanding continuously and is full of wisdom.
This site houses a comprehensive collection of Buddhist texts and teachings . Scope is primarily Theravada.
This is an excellent place to find Theravada texts.
Buddhism in Canada
A comprehensive listing of Canadian Buddhist sites. Very well done.
Buddhist Basics
A primer on Buddhism by the folks at Tricycle Magazine.
Buddhist Council of New South Wales
A good source of information about Buddhism in Australia. This site has more resources than can be listed here. Have a look..
Buddhist Reading Room
A good place to start your search. The webmaster claims rightly "Where content is king".
Buddhist Studies World-Wide Web Virtual Library
As the name suggests. A comprehensive collection of sites related to the Dharma.
Chieng Mai Dhamma Study Group
A growing collection of Dharma resources.
Dalai Lama's Home Page
This is an excellent place to find out about Tibet and the teachings of the Tibetan schools of Buddhism.
Death Clock
This is an interesting site. If you want to do a meditation on the finite nature of life, this is the site for you.
DharmaNet International Gateways to Buddhism
A comprehensive listing of Buddhist resources on the web.
This is the most fundamental of Buddhist teachings. If you read nothing else, read this.
Dragon's Gate Temple
A good place to go to find out about the Pure Land school of Buddhism.
Finding the Way
This site contains narratives written by people who have chosen Buddhism. It explains how each came to find Buddhism and what it has done for them.
Heartland Sanga American Buddhism
This is an interesting group, trying to adapt Buddhism to an American milieu.
The Householder Sutta Page
This is another one of my pet projects. I have put together some Suttas and other teachings which focus on the lay Buddhist.
Kagyu Mailing List
This is a mailing list operated by a practitioner of the Kagyu Lineage in England. Check out this site. He has some interesting essays posted for people just beginning their spiritual journey.
Mahasiddha Buddhist Center
This is a meditation center of the Kadampa Lineage, located in Portland, Oregon. The site is warm and inviting!
Quiet Mountain Tibetan Buddhist Resource Guide
An award winning site. It is worth a visit.
The Refuge
This is one of the best sites on the net. If you are looking for a great bunch of online Buddhists, visit here.
Ring the Bell of the Vichara Monastery
Click on the Lotus to hear the bell of the Vichara Monastery. It takes a minute to load so sit up straight, relax your eyes and be mindful of your breath. Wherever it rings, may it be a blessing to all beings.
Sadhu Index of Theravada Web Sites
A Yahoo style index of Theravada sites.
Vajralama Buddhist Center
The sister center of the Mahasiddha Buddhist Center. It is located in Seattle, Washington.
Vajrayana Buddhism in Portland Oregon
This site like the gentleman who created it, is more than it seems.
A good place to learn about "insight" meditation.
West End Buddhist Center
My "local" Sangha. An excellent place for Buddhists in the Mississuaga area to practice.
What Do You Think My Friend
This site is run by a gentle man with a quirky sense of fun. Visit here if you want inspiration.
Zen Library
A good collection of Zen resources by the San Francisco Zen Center.

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Last updated: December 16, 2000

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