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We claim no specific accuracy or facts for these pages.Several objectives and views are expressed.Some are more accurate than others.

This demonstrates the estimated time remaining until the paradigm shift.
this is a ufo related group.Dr. Greer,noted writer is involved with this web site.It promotes concious contact with EBE's.
Leading Edge International.Promoted by the guy who is known as val valerian. Disinformation spook, or legitiment researcher? You decide...
Contact the alien-mbc ...welcome to Earth
Dispatches from Dr. Richard Boylan
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This webpage belongs to Milford Grindstaff. alien contacts involve the CIA,NSA,DIA,miltary Remote viewing units,ESP studies,and many more types of involvement...something is going on. The fact that you found this page may prove that you are at least curious about the solutions to the problems on the planet known to humans as earth... The only solution to the survival of man is the hope of cooperation.War and racial predudice have no place in the "matrix" of reality.Discrimination against alien races is wrong.The inhabitants of the universe deserve as much respect as human races.Trust and hope are common goals for the future. The war for control of the fate of humans continues.While certain media efforts concentrate their efforts to confuse you,the forces of time and space are involved in a struggle for balance. The illusion of reality can and will destroy the energy of many..the truth about the nature of reality has been revealed to many people on earth time and again...there is one truth,and that truth is a hard one. One way to ensure your psychic survival is to simply- HONOR THE TREATY. you should know intuitively how to approach this.the act of trying may make the difference. The alien factions involved have made the point that humans are welcome to live in peace with the rest of the universe.We welcome all sentient beings of light ,peace and love to share in the cirle of concious awareness. We was told to repeat the request HONOR THE TREATY by a coalition of ambassadors from several alien races in 1997. The use of humans for experimental purposes is prohibited by inter galatic law.Exploitation of sentient life forms is also against the rules. Alien contact is a right of a free society,and we will meet,greet and comunicate freely as we desire. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The following materiel was submitted in response to a request from Journalist Paola Harris. Paola has also interviewed Lt.Col. Phillip Corso,self proclaimed MJ12 member Michael Wolf, Dr. Leo Sprinkle,and psychologist Dr. Richard Boylan among others. Dear Paola and Friends; This is a message I feel the need to write.Since age 3 ,I have had concious awareness of sentient beings from some where else.In the past several years I have spent a lot of time thinking about the way those of us who have contact with them have reacted.I of course ,as time went by,asked others what they thought about the ET presence,and looked for others to validate my own experience by agreeing. In truth,I found some who related as I did.As time went by,and the alien awareness continued to have an influence over my world views,I have adopted,then abandoned beliefs. Change is a constant factor.Unlike abductees,the alien groups have treated me in a civilised fashion.In 1973,a series of circumstances led me to Florida where I was taken away for 3 days for an education by beings from another reality.I was not abducted,just led willingly to the transport device.The exact nature of what transpired has inspired and illuminated my conciousness. The one who is my mentor from that delegation told me that the federal government was watching from a distance to determine the nature of the contact.I never thought that the federal government would ask me to go into a research facility and be stripped to the emotional 'bones' as first one group of scientists ,then another,took turns plying drugs,hypnosis,extreme mental coercion,and tactics similar to the methods nazis used to locate traitors. I was treated very well initialy.The psi ability I had since childhood was studied in detail,tests showed that I was able to bi-locate,and report the details of things unknown to myself.The CIA decided to have a crack at it.I was drugged,and 'programed' in an effort to assure my loyalty,and increase my PSI output. I reported to a mental health facility that this was happening,just before my first duty assignment at the facility known as Hunter-Liggett.(US Army training and testing facility)This place is known as a 3-D "chess game" with humans. The hospital was a place where behavior was studied,and received CIA funding.Video tape interviews were done while more drugs were used,a combination of tranks and sodium- pentathol.I spent the time there documenting my alien contacts.In a week or so I was discharged to the care of the recruiting Sgt.from the Army. Diagnosis: hallucinogen dependency.My claim that the Feds were giving me drugs was neutralised by this tactic.A 'catch 22' law said that the Army could not administer hallucinogens unless the subject was previously exposed... On Friday the 13,1972, I was officialy inducted into the Army.The training program was called Special Leadership Preparation Project.In a few months I was able to move from one state of awareness to another at will,and use the psi power in several ways. Then I was transferred to Hunter Liggett Miltary Reservation (HLMR)near Jolon California.This place is huge and also leased land from the Hearst corporation.I am sure any one could imagine the level of security there.The Army and DoD were conducting their research with a group called Combat Development Experimentation Command.This involved several programs. At first the notion of acting as a liasion for the Feds with the ET's was very rewarding.Unfortunatly for the folks involved in the programs and black ops the ET's had done a superior job on my 'conditioning". No earthly force could peel away my mental interface with my mentor and teachers.To be honest,after I was there a while,political forces changed.I realised that the military and world leaders were terribly afraid of some Alien groups.Understand that some ET contact ,in their opinions amount to treason. In desperation I led a rebellion against the fascist officers running the program and after a series of near fatal attempts to kill me went to the 300 year old catholic mission located on the post at HLMR and begged the fathers there to give me the ancient right of sanctuary.I have never been catholic,indeed, my parents were anti catholic.I felt that the fathers could somehow get me loose from my handlers.The kind Fathers agreed. After a few days,the Army made promises,and threats and we gave up.My mother is a native American,and I knew from her stories about the past that the Army was capable of betrayal.They did not let me down. I was set up,and betrayed, and eventualy given an exotic combination of Hypnosis,drugs,EDOM,(memory block)insulin shock therapy,and electro shock to destroy any memory regarding the types of black operations and technical descriptions.This also removed certain my childhood memories..until my alien friends restored the important ones. I have spent the last several years in a near constant effort to re-join my own energy with the Spirit.I am not perfect,and I make mistakes.I feel sad to see the divisions that exists on this planet.I am told by the aliens that how we align our conciousness with that of the creator will be a major factor in our spiritual growth. Miracle: extraordinary event atributed to a supernatural agency..... This is what it is going to take to pull the planet we call earth out of the fire.The chaos here is leading us to our extinction.The battle of politicians and the religious conflicts are second to the degradation of our psychic and physical enviroment. All things are possible... How the fate of humans is decided is up to the one who judges.I believe that each of us has been given the opportunity to choose our paths. I choose to focus on healing and transformation. The path to 'heaven' is unique to each of us. Those doomed by their failure to meet the minimum spiritual requirements set forth by the creator are to be dealt with.I believe we all have a chance at eternal life. I am told that the requirements are individualised,and we all decide where we are headed.No one "belief" system will reach everyone.The force that initiated life will control our destiny.May the CREATOR help us. I'm interested in helping others, in finding our way "out".I want to be un-hindered by my fragile human body.The upcoming events will facilitate this. Focus the energy! (<> <> ) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- excerts from the Paola Harris interview . ------------- ------------- Dear Paola (and friends) ; [these are my preliminary statements] These questions are highly indicative of the level of information you obviously have access to. I apologize if I seem in any way hesitant or evasive in my replies. I sincerely hope you receive (or have) confirmation from others . The number of opinions regarding this is only exceeded by the shortage of demonstrable facts. Please realize I am not claiming to have the only truth. The compartmentalization of procedural knowledge and operational methodology has varied from project to project . Therefore much of the information as I am briefed on,(I am reffering to 'ET' AND military work) from the early seventies until now has been on a 'need to know basis.' My sources have been mislead in the past and there may be a chance I am flat out wrong in certain respects. I need to make something clear before I proceed. I am NOT in opposition to ALL the conflicting data that exists. In the past, I have held erroneous beliefs , due to certain security personnel and failed to present myself in the best possible light. Life is a learning situation, and as a person who has had in excess of 40 years of contact with the US Government and ongoing contact ( not experiencer vs. abductee) with different groups of non- human intelligence, I have evolved a hypothesis regarding the ongoing situation world wide. This is in addition to certain factual representations I may make. Dr. Boylan seems to have a substantial understanding of the situation. I am in agreement to his views to a certain extent. While he and myself are in what may seem to be a diametrical opposition, I believe it is due in part to different frames of reference and a matter of objective and subjective inferences. Dr. Boylan's own ET experience(s) and education are in my own opinion a reality. I have been PSI enabled since age 3 and feel a tremendous pressure from him and some others regarding my own attitudes and disposition as far as my 'on-line' persona is concerned. Maybe it is just a bad feeling. I want to be trusted, and am willing to earn it. It is said that what goes around comes around. In other words, I feel like our world view is not necessarily congruent. This creates a type of psychic dissonance and inhibits my ability to relate certain aspects of my true self . In other words my communication is inhibited by perceptual focus. The projects I am working in are not any any way, shape or form directed at misinformation or a system of deceptive practices intended to act as a catalyst for political intrigues personal agrandizement, or I have behaved in a fashion contrary to ethical considerations in my period of service during the Vietnam conflict, and feel remorse about my involvement. At one time , I operated outside the law and committed actions that a Military leader above me in the chain of command ordered. I lived to see another day in doing so. Many decent men paid for our leadership's failures to take responsibility. Of the group I was in , only a few survived. Even fewer regained their mental orientation. The fact that I recovered to the degree I have, is in my opinion attributed to God. Not because I am a CIA dupe or "agent of fortune." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ > I just am curious how the military knows about the altered people they >recruit...and how the ET reality enters into it. Before I inhabited this current body I was living on another planet outside of this galaxy and dimension. Workers from this different place preceded those of us who are arriving . We have operatives in several thousand positions world wide--some Military. This a a plan worked out long ago. Our associates from the inter-dimensional realms (planets and non-physical entities) have had ongoing contact with the various forms of Earth leadership . in my case, several instances brought my case to the attention of the US Government. Some recruiting efforts are (were) a camouflage for long term interrogation and interment of those who experienced this alternate reality. We volunteered our bodies and minds to the Earth Scientists in hopes that once they realized we were serious enough about the situation to sacrifice our selves, they would re- evaluate the attempts made to destroy and countermand the "celestial" blueprint. ( How I see it from my limited perspective.) In 1972, As Radar and human onlookers observed , a physical contact was initiated between several of us and what has been termed a UFO. Previously, The Military/Government had several notices appear on their Data bases . After their lack of co-operation became apparent, several things happened to convince them that they needed to at least reconsider their actions in respect to the apparent conflict in the subspace/interstellar region nearby Earth. I am referring to the so-called Alien Greys (and others) and the secret efforts to negotiate a separate peace with the World leaders. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > Is there any real path here ? friends, yes. Ancient writings say straight is the path and narrow is the gate...... Please restate the question if you need to as I do not know if you mean this in relation to the preceding question or the subsequent one. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >Are they afraid of a takeover? This is an understatement. Those of us who act as emissaries ,or diplomats for the outsiders have been attacked, dissected, and tortured for our efforts to interact with Humans. A Philosopher once said as above ,so below. Incidentally, philosopher a Greek word means " reflective thinker." Earth people are subconsciously disposed towards a most developed form of planetary ego-centricism. Considering the amount of trouble and violence (pestilence, plague, disease and the struggle for power and elite positions of leadership) brought on by the territorial expansionism of a rapidly growing population in past world history there is some logic to the defensive line of thinking. Trust is hard, consider the many treaties broken by world leaders. This planet is divided in it's energies . A 'house' divided cannot stand. Outsiders have changed the face of this planet repeatedly. I believe the World leaders are relying on contradictory views. The only way for this planet to get together is to create a world government ,and in the US thousands are apparently willing to violently oppose the New Order. Any out-world influence advocating radical changes or staging a rear guard defensive action with Earth help is certainly not a good way to stabilize or rehabilitate a spiritually/environmentally devastated ecology. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ > Does everyone has ESP abilities or only >contactees? Can they be learned or developed? I really am not sure. In the past, it has been demonstrated that some of these abilities are gifts. Many people seem to have the gift and use it to cope with the undue negative influences. I hope PSI is a natural part of the human survival mode. The reason? With unlimited choices versus multiple decisions and an approaching deadline imposed by time limits, we need to make some intuitive choices soon. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > What overall plan does the >government have for ET's In the past years several plans have been formulated and discarded. Earth leadership has developed into a logistic nightmare. The most popular plans are developed by the military as the political process has always slowed down the 'reaction' time. I feel that the plan being worked on now is one where a group of beings who displayed a sophisticated 'puppet show' have recently convinced the existing politically influential structures that the Earth needs to go into a defensive mode. They are supplying them with weapons the nature of which will actually serve the one faction. I would try and ID this group but in doing so would only make a surface judgment. With the techniques available for ET genetic engineering who could describe their appearance ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >can drugs help in strengthening sensitivity? I think you mean PSI or ESP right? This is a serious issue. I have had FAR MORE PSI and /or ESP capability as a child than I ever with the drugs the military ( and ET's) developed. Altered states of consciousness are enhanced by certain compounds, alkaloids and indoles and others ,such as LSD, Mescaline, Ketamine, DMT(vision vine), TMA, Ibotetic Acid, mushrooms , Peyote, Cannibanoids, and others to numerous to mention. Unfortunately, for many users attempting to develop powers in this fashion, the sensitivity to negative influences is enhanced, and the result are less than desirable There are many reasons to avoid the forcing open of the gates of consciousness. When a person attempts to use drugs to work on the psychic level, the unresolved issues of psychic protection and the Spirit's protection from negative influences are usually bypassed and entities and energies can disrupt the learning process. The Military discovered this when attempting to to 'boost' PSI responses. It is a miracle I regained my own PSI ability. I believe the main problem is basically set and setting , and the inability to make sense of the extremely rapid influx of data. Popular use in the 60's trivialized the ancient practice of the Shamanistic technique and few have any legitimate reason to continue to explore the practice. The old way of meditation, Prayer, reflection, and self induced trance states are sufficient . It takes longer than a pill, but is more predictable and controllable. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ >Most of my interviews.. Dr. Wolf, Clifford Stone, Ed Fouche, Col Corso are >military and patriotic but they had .have altered intelligence and >sensitivity and some have worked at area 51. I believe that Now they have >been encouraged to share because I believe some part of the government wants >people to know....and I am very gentle with the information. You can let >these people read this EMAIL. I believe Ed Fouche and Brad Steiger are acquaintances. I talked to Mr. Steiger in 1976 in regards to a series of incidences that had evolved from 'simple' contacts with non human bio-entities to MIB type harassment in a six month period. Mr. Steiger gave me advise that seemed to alter the course of the phenomena. I initially called to a co-writer of his in Iowa who graciously gave me Brad's Schenectedy, NY phone number. I have been cleared to tell some facts also. My reason for not coming forward publicly sooner is because of circumstances beyond my control. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >I am most interested in Remote viewing as a military tactic also. It was >said to be unscientific by most but must be effective. Paola , I frequently worked in isolation tanks and demonstrated OOBE (out of body experiences) and sometimes affected physical outcomes of events, and influenced electronics. I worked in 'guided' sessions and alone. At one point , the Israeli Uri Geller and I were on different sides of a two way mirror! The OIC of that exercise wanted to know if it was possible to 'block' ESP or change targets by 'planting' false info...with PSI power. Yuri was aware of the efforts. Targets COULD be faked and result in misleading results. Israeli Intelligence became frustrated with the constant attempts of the CIA and NSA factions to control the data. Uri and Dr. Puharich were very sincere at that time about the ET influence. My feeling and report was that they were being manipulated by someone-or something. Strange, coming from me ! If you know any competent RV practitioner(s) or psychics feel free to probe away! Ask any question you feel comfortable with. I am not seeking publicity, just wanting to 'add to the mix.' May the Spirit lead. Your friend, Milford copyright 2000
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