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Site Of The Month

I've been having a really hard time keeping up with this part of the site. Life is just way too busy. I've decided to postpone any future winners until time permits. Please take a look at the previous winners, as all of their sites are definately worth looking at!

5 Star Site

If you know of an extraordinary Tube site ... especially one that is not a part of my PSP Tube Lover sitering, I would love to be notified about it. I could then invite them into the ring and all of us tube lovers could share more of the wealth~!


Previous Winners

JANUARY 2004 Tubes By Eloise
FEBRUARY 2004 Herkey's Corner
MARCH 2004 Steele Grafix
APRIL 2004 Twigg's Tubes
MAY 2004 Karen's Korner
JUNE 2004 Tubes By Amanda
JULY 2004 Terri Lynn Graphics
AUGUST 2004 Susan's Web Designs
SEPTEMBER 2004 Znowflakes Fantasy Tubes
NOVEMBER 2004 Ann's Graphics
DECEMBER 2004 Marianne's PSP Site
JANUARY 2005 Daisy's Tubes
MARCH 2005 Dragonfly Designs


Being the owner of the PSP Tube Lover Sitering, I have the opportunity to view many, many tube sites. I do not accept every site that submits to join. This can be for various reasons including bad links, very awful tubes, just a few tubes, no webring on the site, passwords required to enter the site and the one I like best of all ... the sites that don't have ANY tubes at all on their site.

Doing this I think keeps the tube ring interesting and active with people who really enjoy tubes and know that by using this ring they are going to find some really interesting tubes. (Which was my intention from the start)

I try to go through the ring as often as I have time for, to check for sites that might have vanished or closed. When I come across a site in the ring that is now a dead link, I usually give it a week before I email the owner (in case their server is just having problems) and give them the option of fixing their site or leaving the ring. If I don't get a reply and it's not fixed, the site is deleted from the ring. Sometimes the site has moved and the owner has forgotten to fix the ring code. Many times I am thanked for getting in touch with them and they fix the problem immediately.

Sometimes a site requests to join the ring that just thrills me to look at. The owner has unique tubes and their site is well kept. They have working links, a nice colour scheme and the tubes are very well made. I'm happy when this happens because I get the chance to see sites that I otherwise might never find. And sites YOU might not ever find. This brings me why I am having this page -
"PSP Tube Lover 5 Star Site Of The Month".

When a page really impresses me, the tubes are great and the upkeep is extraordinary I think they deserve to be recognized. Check each month for a new site that will be recognized here for it's great tubes and hard working owner.