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Friesian Horse Association of Equus Forever

of Equus Forever

** A Friesian Horse Breed Registry **

This is for a sim horse club called Equus Forever

What is the FHAEF:
The FHAEF Promotes, and encourages the breeding of Friesian Horses. The FHAEF is a breed registry for your Friesian, Warmblood Friesian and Friesian crosses. The FHAEF is a very involved assocation in which you can have us register your horse, test them for breeding books, test foals for premiums, sell you friesian, and more! Our assocation is based after the real Friesian registy (FHANA) to make it interesting and educational. Please take a look around and learn about this wonderful breed!


Friesian horses are considered highly intellegent. They are influenced by the Andalusian, Barb, Lippizzan, Oldenburg and Arabian horses. They are one of Europes oldest breeds. Their characteristics are:

Black is the only coat color of a pure friesian. Selective breeding has encouraged the friesian color. No white markings are allowed except a white star. This star is permitted but, is not encoraged. Crosses of any color are accepted in EF.

Friesians Origionated in Friesland, in the Netherlands. Friesians have a talent for pleasure and competition, dressage, driving, and light farm work. They've also been used in Western, Jumping and Saddleseat, although they haven't been bred for either. Talented and unique, the Friesian breed was highly cherished in the 17th and 18th century because of their ablities to preform in dressage. Friesians became nearly extinct, but have made a remarkable comeback.


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