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I Love You

Darling, I love you more each day that I live.
Every day, every hour, every moment I'll give.
All of me to you gladly, with a heart good and true.
No one else could enslave me, for I love only you.

Just to love you and serve you is my only desire,
For the love in my heart is just like a fire.
Burning out all of 'self', leaving room for just you.
Each day filled with desire to do as you do.

When I don't see your smile, my day is all wrong.
The sun has no light, the birds have no song.
The calm is a tempest raging deep in my soul.
For my heart has grown sad... my life has no goal.

You smile, and I'm happy with no care for the day.
You kiss me, and hold me, and clouds go away.
The sun then shines brightly, birds sing their song.
'My darling, I love you,' is my thought all day long.

~Author: Beulah Alcott~

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