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I'm trying so hard, darling, to prove my love for you true.

If only some word I could utter would show how much I love you.

I long so, for you, darling a yearning that's breaking my heart.

My arms seem so empty and useless, must we drift so far apart?

Can you not feel my love call you thru this darkest despair?

Can you not hear me and know I need you, to shield me from heartache and care?

Do not you need me, also, to share in your troubles and woe?

To help you thru sorrow and sadness, that may follow wherever you go?

Do not withhold from me, darling, your arms, your kiss, or your smile.

They make my life here worth living, and bring happiness, too..for a while.

Take my hand in yours, darling, lead me down this highway of life,

For we both will meet its joys, and sorrow, its pain, its troubles and strife.

Together we can bear it, darling, the road won't seem near so long.

Our troubles will then be much lighter, we can keep in our heart a glad song.

Then, when this life is over, our road will have only begun.

Twill be one of sunshine and gladness, with no clouds to darken our sun.

~Author: Beulah Alcott~

*Submitted by her loving daughter Shirley Kotsanos*

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