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Our life is a journey, we've often been told
With our future ahead, not sure what it will hold

This uncertainty seems to breed skepticism and fear
As we search for answers and want things to be clear

Often times this fear causes us to build walls
To try to protect us from life's stumbles and falls

But life is a journey that we must vigorously embrace
Enabling us to deal with the opportunities and challenges we face

So you see my friend, these walls that we build to protect us from others
May actually keep us from getting to know our sisters and brothers…

Our family, our friends and even ourselves
Because our dreams and desires have become dormant on shelves

To learn, to grow, and to understand, each of us must learn to REACH OUT
Even when our lives seem so complicated and embedded in doubt

REACH OUT to those around you who show that they care
Despite what you think at times those people are there

Break down the walls that we all hide behind
Take some chances, get involved and to others be kind

Spend time with family and friends and build a foundation
Because caring is what will help strengthen our struggling nation

There is no magic answer, as many people want to believe
It's up to each of us to pursue the things that we want to achieve

So rather than build walls, let us build bridges each day
It will help us look at life's journeys and challenges in a whole new way!


~Author: Ron Garner, Jr.~
February 1, 2000
*Thank you my dear, sweet friend for submitting this incredible piece of writing! (((Hugs))) Eva..*

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