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Daddy's Love


A special lady said, “I can’t remember when I heard my Daddy say he loves me, but I know he does.” Dear friend, he doesn’t have to say it. My dad was the same. It was just his way, and I never questioned his love for me, either.

Memories come flooding back again as I remember all the ways that a daddy says “I love you”, not in words, but in his actions. It is nice to hear the words, but the actions are just as nice and precious.

My dad was a coal miner and worked so hard in a very dangerous job. He came home so dirty with coal dust and was so very tired. Yet, as soon as he was bathed and had dinner, he was our dad for the night. We always had his attention for the evening. I remember how he played with us, told us stories, and made us laugh and giggle; even though he was exhausted from the day…..Daddy’s way of saying “I love you.”

In the spring, besides working so hard in the mines to pay bills, he went out and hooked the plow up to his mule and plowed the garden. Then, he and my mom planted a huge garden for vegetables. They raised chickens and pigs for meat. In the summer, we all pitched in and helped to pick vegetables from the garden, and they canned food for the winter. They slaughtered pigs for the winter…..Daddy’s way of saying, “I love you.”

When it was time for school to start in the autumn, he always made sure there was enough money for mom to buy material to make new dresses for my sister and me for school and to buy new school wardrobes for my brothers…..Daddy’s way of saying “I love you.”

After school, our mom helped us with our homework and dad was right there too, always right there at home with us unless he was hunting or fishing…..Daddy’s way of saying “I love you.”

When we came down with the measles and the mumps one winter, I am sure we were a handful to take care of. We all got them at the same time. I remember mom lovingly nursing us. I think her hugs were just as much of a cure as the medicine and time. I also remember Daddy holding us, singing to us, and making us smile. I remember his big strong hands as he laid a hand on our foreheads to check our temperature. He always spoiled us and made over us when we were sick…..Daddy’s way of saying, “I love you.”

Our mom and dad always made Christmas a special time. I remember one year on Christmas Eve, we were sitting in the living room. Daddy said, “Shhh! Listen! Santa’s coming! We actually heard footsteps tromping up the snow covered steps! Then we heard a noise by the door and footsteps tromping back down the steps. He got up and opened the door and said, “Look, Santa was here.” The falling snow was so beautiful and right there on the snow covered porch was a gigantic bag that Santa had left for us. Of course we found out later that he had asked a neighbor to do it…..Daddy’s way of saying, “I love you.”

After our mom passed away, he had the courage and the strength to keep us together. He went right on as they always had. He made sure that we had the necessities of life. He made sure that we went to school and studied. And he had patience when I didn’t cook very well or clean the house as well as it should have been. He knew where we were and who we were with at all times as he was teaching us right from wrong……Daddy’s way of saying, “I love you.”

Then, when we were grown and married, it was our babies (his grandkids), that he held on his lap and sang songs to. Now, it was the grandkids that he spoiled and made over when they were sick…..Daddy’s way of saying, “I love you.”

So, you see, Daddy’s don’t have to say the words, “I love you.” They say it in so many different ways. Don’t ever doubt that your dad loves you, because he does. When he wants to provide for you, and you are thinking you’d rather have his love, please remember:….Daddy’s way of saying, “I love you.”

~~Author: Charlotte Dixon~~
Hazard, Kentucky

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