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If you or anyone you know knows how to go about creating a mu*, PLEASE E-MAIL ME!!! My e-mail can be found on the page whose link is at the very bottom of the page.

Zavina is the daughter of Kaiji and .... um... I forget her dad's name. Ooops. :) She has a brother, Jara, and a sister, Jamii.

What's Going On...

Zav's now an adult.

Zavina's Current Desc

Your attention is drawn to the lioness sitting near you. She doesn't notice you looking right away as she is lost to the world, deep in thought. The first thing you notice about her is her odd coloring, or rather, lack thereof. Her coat is composed of shades of grey, lightening nearly to white on her muzzle, pawtips, and underbelly, and darkening nearly to black on the insides of her ears, the tuft of her tail, and the fur around her eyes. As a matter of fact, her eyes are the only colorful thing about her. The shimmering emerald orbs seem to jump out at you from the bland coat of the lioness. A truff of grey fur hangs partially over one of her eyes as she stares off into space. Slowly, a sly grin spreads across her muzzle. This one could be trouble if a watchful eye is not upon her. Suddenly she realizes you were watching her and she gives the sweetest little smile of innocence as if to say she weren't thinking of doing anything wrong. But her deep green eyes, full of mischief, lead you to believe otherwise. ^_^

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