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Tanabi is a lioness cub of the Nemsi pride. She is the daughter of the late King Enzi and the Head Huntress, Satara. She enjoys playing with her two best friends, Prince Hadhi and Princess Tamai. Tanabi is always giggling and no one really knows why. She's just a happy young cub who loves to play.

Tanabi's Current Description

As you glance at the curious young cub before you, you notice her large eyes, the deep blue-green of the ocean, studying you as well, trying to determine if you would be fun to play with. She is covered in fur the color of chocolate milk, lightening to a sandy cream on her belly, pawtips, and muzzle. The cream color fades down her nose until it reaches the tip; a thin triangle of dark brown, nearly black, which is the same color of the tuft on the end of her long, swaying tail and a small patch of fur in the shape of a diamond in the center of her back; a birthmark shared by her and her mother. Suddenly, she smiles, her ocean colored eyes sparkling, and lets out a giggle of childish laughter, as she tends to do quite often. As your gaze leaves the cub, you find yourself helplessly smiling back, unable to resist the child's charm.

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