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Shemshi, or Sunny, as she has been nicknamed for her bright yellow pelt, is second oldest of a litter of four, of which she and her older brother, Shikal were the only survivors. She lives with her brother on their lands. Shemshi is an intelligent and beautiful cheetah; very polite and friendly. If you need a friend, Sunny would be glad to oblige.

Shemshi's Current Description

Before you stands the beautiful cheetah, Shemshi. Her pelt is a bright sunny yellow instead of the tawny color of most cheetahs. Her spots are not black, but a light ash gray and are spread out, exposing more of her golden fur, thus earning her the nickname of Sunny. Her underside is white as snow and drips down the inside of her long and slender legs. Since the rest of her markings are light, it makes her tear marks, coal black, stand out even more on her elegant face. Her long, fluffy, banded tail sways behind her and her sky blue eyes portray her intelligence. She notices you looking at her and gives a chuckle in her deep alto voice.

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