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Princess Makitutu Nidaya CLXVI

Ruler of Nidaya

Princess Makitutu is a kind ruler, putting her people's well-being above her own. She is somewhat rebelious and independant. She protects the kingdom of Nidaya with the help of her friends and using the extravagant pendant always worn around her neck, known to others only as the Treasure of Makitutu, which has extrordinary magical powers. No one really knows the stength or abilities of the Treasure of Makitutu except the princess herself. Many have heard legends of the Treasure and have sought to claim its power as their own, only to fail at her hands.


Princess Makitutu is a spryte, standing at 5'6". Her skin is the pearly white of all the sprytes of Baheine Island and her antennae stand tall above her her long, wavy, blue-violet hair and is usually in a simple braid hanging down to the ground. Her fascinating pupil-less eyes change color along with the Treasure of Makitutu, which hangs around her neck on a chain of gold. The pendant is a golden circle, intricately carved with ancient symbols. In its center lies a beautiful jewel of deep indigo. This is where the Treasure's powers come from. If you stare into the jewel, you can see tiny sparks of light hovering around inside, reminding you of the night sky.


I'm currently searching for rp'ers to become members of Treasure of Makitutu RPG. Visit the TMRPG site for info or send an e-mail to the Nidaya Postal Service if you have any questions.

Princess Makitutu Lirei Tuele

Tunia Sivon

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