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Kisiri is the daughter of King Nyanya and Queen Balana, though they prefer not to be called by their titles. She has a sister, Alaira. Since they are brown and white, they've earned the nicknames of Snow and Mud.

What's Going On...

New Stuff

Kisiri and Alaira are now adults. That's about it for now.

Old News

Kisiri's sister, Alaira, woke one day to find their parents missing. She didn't want to leave her sleeping sister, but eventually she got bored of watching the sleeping Kisiri and left. Kisiri then woke to find herself alone and went in search of anyone. After a long walk for such a tiny cub, she came across Alaira. The two promised never to leave each other's side again. They realized they were lost and began looking for the way back home. After being home by themselves for quite a while, a lioness of the pride named Tarlia had decided to take her cubs and leave the Golden Lands. Kisiri followed them thinking that they might know where her parents were. Not to long after that, Balana, along with Alaira, found them lost in the desert. Tarlia was punished for trying to leave and everyone, especially Nyanya and Balana, returned home.

Kisiri's Current Desc

Royalty comes in many colors...

You cast your eyes upon one of the princesses of the Golden Lands. The daughter of Nyanya and Balana, Kisiri however, looks nothing like either of them. Though her heart is as golden as the dear king and queen, there is something about her that's different than a lot of lionesses. What could it be?

Her coat...

Kisiri's entire body, from her whiskers to the tuft of her tail, is white as snow. (The gene for white fur actually runs in her family though, her having a grandmother, uncle, and brother who are white, so it's not all that odd) In the middle of her face rests a small nose of soft pink nearly blending in with the surrounding white. Directly above, two spheres of deep royal blue stand out upon her pale face.

Suddenly you realize that she has noticed your eyes upon her. She smiles, her eyes sparkling. Meet Kisiri: The Snow of Africa! ^_^

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