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Kristy's Ridiculously Long List of Characters! Yay!

Here they are, in no particular order of importance though somewhat categorized by the stories they're in or characters they have to deal with, though a good portion of them could go into two or more groups, but whatever. Unlike the main site, this page IS up to date. I like to know how demented I am apparently. ^_^

  1. Tori Jamison
  2. Maximilian "Max" Hayes
  3. Patches "Patch"
  4. Kasmira
  5. Chloe Jamison (Clarissa "Clo" Tiras)
  6. Canacia
  7. Aidyn
  8. Mesu
  9. Minon
  10. Darius
  11. Hendrick "Henri"
  12. Tobias
  13. Rowan
  14. Eclipse (yes, I consider her a different character)
  15. Blaise
  16. Nicholas Cartrell
  17. Ginger Attkinson
  18. Damon
  19. Sumi
  20. Thia
  21. Sadirra "Sadi/Stripes" Trilby
  22. Isis "Ice" Amunsanuraket
  23. Zunlar "Zunnie/The Dragon Formerly Known as Poop"
  24. Nelle Trilby Orrick
  25. Nathaniel Trilby
  26. Tate Orrick
  27. Brend Orrick
  28. Eryn Orrick
  29. Tully Orrick
  30. Calhon "Cullen" Lavolan
  31. Jarod Philamentesh
  32. Um.. Jarod.. counts as two o_O
  33. Cullen Philamentesh
  34. Reik "Flame Boy" Khashenin
  35. Alia
  36. Kaia Althair
  37. Darov Althair
  38. Valaria Althair
  39. Hahlee
  40. Pelion
  41. Lyani Diel Aaundura Mi'Ayn
  42. Dardren "Dard" Halov
  43. Aiuri
  44. Shin
  45. Izellah Gndaliandan
  46. Evhan
  47. Lyndon Mi'Ayn
  48. Kale (who doesn't have a last name yet)
  49. Jiro Philamentesh
  50. Tercia
  51. Ophira
  52. Thaine
  53. Robyn Halov
  54. Mahalia Sundeep
  55. Malik Sundeep
  56. Maieve Blackleaf Sundeep
  57. Maxim Sundeep
  58. Lizabitha Parthenius Sundeep
  59. Mathais Sundeep
  60. Marcus Sundeep
  61. Garaith Bliant
  62. Jedrek Tabari
  63. McNugget (he's a chicken ^_^)
  64. Big Bird (another chicken)
  65. Madame Cluck (you guessed it)
  66. Colonel Sanders (yup)
  67. Hazel Morenia
  68. Arley Hathen
  69. Kers
  70. Nehra Matsya Rahab (or one of "The Girls")
  71. Buttercup "Bob" (Townswoman #3)
  72. Alyssia "Alys" Parthenius
  73. Wynde
  74. Vyra Halaran Parthenius
  75. Heldan Parthenius
  76. Lysandra "Lyse" Pendragon
  77. Terrence "Terry" (no last name yet)
  78. Julin Eihdain
  79. Julin Eihdain (there's two of them ^_~)
  80. Vierdrae "Vier" Kyleigh Eihdain
  81. Niah
  82. Mora Tiras Eihdain
  83. Sean Eihdain
  84. Illeena "Illy" Burdone
  85. Yomiko "Miko"
  86. Kimi "Jamie/James" Leilani
  87. Melise "Lise/Mel" Schneider
  88. Morey Donovan
  89. Abram Consuelo
  90. Teyo Qayna
  91. Qalincha
  92. Miya
  93. Daelin
  94. Trinton
  95. Cynric
  96. Makitutu Nidaya (mother of Maki)
  97. Makitutu "Maki" Nidaya
  98. The Goddess Makitutu I
  99. Senarien "Sen" Duendel
  100. Kalira "Kali" Duendel
  101. Deianira "Deia" Nahele
  102. Mirielle "Miri" Nahele
  103. Tarak Vesairn
  104. Zueril Vesairn
  105. Amaya Teule
  106. Lirei Tuele
  107. Bowen Nidaya
  108. Onan
  109. Nuro
  110. Lukene
  111. Lusia
  112. Taskien
  113. Kivuli'Rakala "Kivy/Kivuli"
  114. Khaimidashna "Kivuli'Rakala" Kidueneseim (boy... that one needs explaining..)
  115. Drikasidi Kidueneseim
  116. Tshuraika Kidueneseim
  117. Lyubitshka Kidueneseim
  118. Pardalien Kidueneseim
  119. Genevieve "Genny/Gen" Z'errone
  120. Sethan Seyd
  121. Ayslin
  122. Novia
  123. Dalziel
  124. Tirzah
  125. Ginia
  126. Bani
  127. Mivahn
  128. Meylen Siri
  129. Ember
  130. Tad
  131. Zi "Chaye" Tszchayevstt
  132. Katsumi Yoshamira
  133. Evelyn
  134. Kisiri "Snowball"
  135. Zavina
  136. Shemshi "Sunny"
  137. Lamali "Mali"
  138. Lia'Nyota
  139. Tanabi
  140. Tyr Raposinho
  141. Kimball
  142. Cai
  143. Duke
  144. Ramey
  145. Min
  146. Akil
  147. Evander
  148. Hasana
  149. Kekona
  150. Neitia
  151. Toak
  152. Xand
  153. Zara Lapaki
  154. Aliyah
  155. Felicia Aurek
  156. Dinah Esher
  157. Rhaiyneihsitao "Rhaiyne" Drathirasheinim
  158. Naor
  159. Tyiahne
  160. Zaiova
  161. Garrick Landis
  162. Ayaria Qyniori
  163. Nerin Haede
  164. Tibu "Tibs" Makucha
  165. Breyajothalt "Brey" Al'Tesian Ay'Noerahd
  166. Hadrian "I Wish I Was Legolas" Salimah
  167. Kabibe Gndaliandan
  168. Ivae Yiridianai
  169. Iyana
  170. Viair
  171. Eidi
  172. Kaitryn Tiye
  173. Kalriel
  174. Gliondir
  175. Jerelais "Jace" Wagstaff
  176. Naldo Wagstaff
  177. Aru "Skritch"
  178. Siuapili "Siua" Mizton

Of course, there are a few who don't have names yet, so they're not on here.

Here also, are names of various cities, kingdoms, and planets:

The Wastelands
Chia (yes, Chia)
New Airendir

There's more crap I could put on here from important items and terms to curse words from the bahen language I made up, but I don't think you care that much. ^_^

And now for a few interesting and yet very lame statistics!

Number of twins: 2 (or 4 if you count them both, 2 identical, 2 fraternal)
Number of triplets: 1 (identical, but only one of the 3 is mine)
Number of chars who suffer from amnsesia regardless of how cliche: 5.5 (heh.. figure that one out)
Number of chars who are possessed sorta, also cliche: 3.5 (what's with these half numbers?!)

Speaking of cliche, both of my twin sets have one "evil twin".
And one of the possessed guys also has amnesia.
Approximate percentage of chars who use magic of some sort: 48%
Male to Female ratio: about 5 to 6
Number of bad guys who are just misunderstood: 6 (this tends to happen when I end up liking the bad guy too much ^_^)
Both the "evil twins" are misunderstood.
The possessed guy who's got amnesia was a misunderstood bad guy very briefly, but I didn't include him in the number.
Number of chars who are killed: 32 (so far... still contemplating the deaths of a few others)
Number of those killed chars who are revived: 2.5 (again!?!?! Though two of those might not come back... story rewrite in progress)
Number of chars who are cats: 26 (I never realized how many there were. o_O And there's also a fox, a wolf, a.. um.... there's more animal thingies)
Remember that possessed/amnesia guy? He's also the 0.5 of the killed and revived chars and a cat.. sorta. Poor guy's confusing!
Number of characters to be referred to as "The Chosen One": 13 (that's a lot of Chosen Ones...)
Number of characters who are nobility: 35 (though several others are related to nobility through blood or marriage, though not technically nobility themselves)
That guy we keep bringing up, yeah.. he's also a Chosen One and nobility. Well, at least he's not a twin. ^_~
Longest name (per letters): Rhaiyne and Brey tied at 29
Most impossible to pronounce name: Chaye and Rhaiyne have this one down!
Number of chars to have a nickname before I gave them a full name: 15
Number of bards: 7.5 (one plays an instrument very very well... but she's kinda not really a bard)
Number of characters to be mentally deranged or somewhat messed up in the head: 18
Guess who's one of those messed up ones? ^_~ But seriously, after all this crap, how could the guy not be messed up?!
Number of glasses-wearers: 7
Number of blondes: 40

more to come..