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Zunlar (or Zunlar-Mur the Dragon Formerly Known as Poop as Sadirra likes to call him) is a young gold dragon boy. He has the ability to take the form of an eight year old human boy (with orangey eyes and golden hair to reflect his coloration) and can breath fire...barely. He doesn't know much, nor does he think things through before acting. This has gotten him in trouble more times than he can count. The young dragon has never had the oportunity to be around other dragons and therefor knows little of how he should act. When he hatched, he found himself alone in a partially collapsed cave. The other eggs around him had been crushed by the falling rocks and his parents were no were to be found, though we assume they were killed by dragon slayers by the small amount of treasure that was once their horde and by the assortment of broken human weapons. He managed to get out the cave only to eat and then would return in hopes that his parents might return. He was found by the wandering adventurers nicknamed The Walking Bullseye and decided to journey with them (after they took a sizable portion of the gold that remained ^_^) giving up on his parents' return. Showing great ingorance, he and Sadirra got off to a bad start when he claimed he could take her on and tried to... key word being 'tried'. The tiny dragon was no match for the weretigress and her magical friends. However, they allowed him to tag along anyway. After the split of The Walking Bullseye, Zunlar attempted to find a new cave, and succeeded only in finding trouble in the form of an army of dragon hunters and being runinted with his old pal Sadi.

Okay okay. So Zunlar actually belongs to my brother, but it's not like he ever plays as him or knows what he's doing or anything, so I decided to take it upon myself to raise the little dork. Zunlar, not my brother. ^_^ He's actually the reason Sadi and Zunlar didn't get along too well at the beginning. You see, my brother is stupid. Oh oh, let me tell you a little story behind Sadi's nickname for Zunlar. Back when my brother was trying to name his new dragon character, he asked me and my pal Kelcey (co-writer of the Vanoirum! ^_^) to help him name the hatchling. So, in the manner I usually name my characters, I just scribled letters on a paper until they made sense. I ended up really liking this one Zunlarmur, but Kelcey kept making fun of it shouting "Zunlarmuuuuuuur! Zunlarmuuuuur!" So I took of the 'mur' part. I suggested this name to my brother and he liked it, but wouldn't use that as the name. (Keep in mind that we were waiting on him to name the freakin dragon so we could start our adventure) So I got impatient and exclaimed, "I'm sick of waiting. Let's name him 'Poop' and be done with it. Alright Kelcey, we're in the woods. What next?" My brother was greatly offended because we began playing and continued to refer to his character as 'Poop'. So he eventually accepted Zunlar as his name, but I still tease him about Zunlar-Mur the Dragon Formerly Known as Poop. The name kinda stuck, so now I have Sadi call Zunlar that. And that concludes this little story. Thank you and have a nice day.

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