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The Vanorium

I don't have much to put here yet and didn't feel like typing up a long and envolved summary so I'm just going to put up a poem written about The Vanorium by myself and by buddy Kelcey (the co-writer of the story)

Prophesized was her coming,
the faerie priestess, the Vanorium.
Born to Kytheriae‘s king and queen,
she was bestowed the special gift of magic.

Sent to Erasimus for peace, Prince Cynric finds
the entire kingdom destroyed by humans.
Presumed dead, he is taken by his foes,
to be pinned as a trophy from their spoils.

Escape Cynric does,
losing his wings and memory.
Reborn as Daelin,
the outcast who rarely speaks.

Teased about his deformities,
Daelin endures hardship
Forced to live outside of Kytheriae’s walls
so as to not be seen by his brethren unless need be.

He lives a silent and solitary life
alone in the woods
until he meets
a beautiful faerie maiden.

The enchanting and out-of-place Miya
befriends the lonely lad.
Though unbeknownst to him
she is the Vanorium.

Trapped within her palace walls,
treated as a fragile treasure to protect
instead of a living faerie being,
the mighty princess ran away.

Where Miya has everything,
she wants only for an equal.
Where Daelin has nothing,
he wishes only for a companion.

Touching each others’ lives
through bonding friendship,
both receive what they have yearned for
hidden prince and princess, together unveiled.

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